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: mystery Caddis

01-19-2009, 03:16 PM
I'm trying to figure out how to make this pupa - very small, this one is an 18.
any guesses on the mats?

01-19-2009, 03:26 PM
I bet the eyes are made from melted monofilament line. Take a short piece of heavy mono - 20 to 40 lb perhaps, about 6-10 mm long, and melt both ends with a match which will form a small ball on each end. Tie on with criss-cross as you would lead eyes.
I have tied a couple flies similar to this but seldom fish the pattern. Could be missing a good bet.

01-20-2009, 01:41 AM
right on with the eyes. This fly is causing me trouble... but I'll nail her. She just kills em in my waters.

01-29-2009, 01:25 AM
The body is 'caddis green' or 'green caddis' dubbing ribbing with small flat pearlescent tinsel. The wings are grey duck wing sections (grey goose shoulder would work, but the duck is much shorter than goose and is a much better choice for trout sized flies). The hackle looks like brown grouse (i.e. common brown-phase North American Rough Grouse) body feather to me, but it might be natural brown Hungarian Partridge.