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: where to go?

01-12-2009, 07:15 PM
My wife and I are approaching ten years of togetherness. I want to set up a trip for her and looking to book it in a place that I can fish. She has given me the go ahead to fish all I want...she just wants to get away from the snow next Jan, Feb or March. What do you guys recommend? Flyfish for bones, tarpon,permit,rooster doesnt matter as long as I am chasing fish around with a fly. She wants to stay in someplace nice...

was thinking bahamas but we are up for anything.

Any insight would be very much welcome.

Thanks guys and gals


01-13-2009, 11:23 AM
Hi Greg,

I noticed your thread on the forum and wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Mark, and I am the owner of Belize Fly Outfitters and Lodge. We became a sponsor to the forum last year, maybe you have seen our ads on the forum. If you are looking for a place for you and your wife to get away, we would love to help you.

Belize will be the perfect destination for you as there is plenty for your wife to do and see while you are out hunting on the flats. Many other destinations, while still offering GREAT fishing, are somewhat remote, and do not offer spousal activities. Our lodge has the perfect location, remote enough for die hard fisherman, yet close to the town of San Pedro for that "full vacation" feeling. We are also a full dive shop and outfitter.

I will be happy to present you with an affordable package that will be sure to please. Check out our site, and don't forget to visit the lodge site directly at caribeislandresort.com . Also get to know the island and town of San Pedro at ambergriscaye.com.

Thank you - Mark Branle,
Owner Belize Fly Outfitters and Lodge