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: gear for Monamoy????? HELP!!!!

06-29-2000, 11:36 AM
hi, I was wondering if you experienced monamoy guys could help me with what gear to bring... please tell me if this is a complete list, or is too long or short, and what I should add or subtract. rod(should I bring an 8 or 9 wt.), reel with int. and sinking line, stripping basket, flies, water, lunch, compass, watch(so I don't miss the boat!) camera, waders, rain jacket(if needed) sunscreen,and a wee bit o' toilet paper(should the need occur) thanks, Tom D.

Nathan Smith
06-29-2000, 12:15 PM
1. Go with the 9wt. the 8wt might be a little funner for the small fish, but you will wish you had your 9wt if it get's windy or you find yourself 5-10ft short of where you want to be casting. Bring a Int. line preferably a clear one. Also do bring a sink tip for fishing the holes. A foating line is nice for poppers and light top water but is not do or die.

2. Bring food and water, even if your not going to bring lunch water and a small snack are a must. So is sun screen Polarized glasses and a hat are a must. Tolit paper would be a good idea. A rain jacket isn't a bad idea. Bring them in a backpack.

4. Flies: you will need to imitate silversides, sand eels, shrimp, and crabs. Look at the other monomoy posts there is more information there

5. yes on the waders but if it gets really warm I sometime take mine off. make sure your wading boot can be warn without your waders, though I think it is a little early in the season to wet wade.

6. No on the compass, it is pretty clear where you are. Stripping baskets are OK. They aren't as useful if you stick with the Int. line on the flats.

06-29-2000, 06:27 PM
In addition to what Nate said, consider your clothing. A light / quick dry long sleeve shirt is worth it's weight in gold (albeit that's not much weight). Sunscreen is good but feather light long sleeves are better. Make sure your hat and polarized lenses are on the list, and the sunscreen on your cheeks and nose unless you like a really obvious racoon tan like the one I've been sportin' lately.

Colors that blend into the scenery are better than those that don't, when sight fishing just watch how they run when they see you! In fact I am re-thinking my entire fishing clothes purchase strategy for the flats. I already learned this lesson before on the rivers of the pacific northwest during clear summer steelhead conditions. Flats are much harder to match than forests.

Perhaps the most reassuring note is that you can bring just about anything you want and leave it at the drop point. No one will bother a cooler or backpack, but keep the sun in mind.

If you do have an inflatable PFD and have nothing better to do with it, throw it in the car with you.

see you in the am!