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: Gear Duffle good deal

08-02-2000, 09:46 AM
With my pile of Striper gear growing like crazy I've been looking around for a new duffle bag to throw it all in. They 've been running about $50 to 200$. Ouch. Then Walmart shows up with one for $20 that is not too shabby. I kept my eye on it for a while. Well they dropped the price to $9.99! I got one and man they're worth it. Large Duffle: 31" x 13" by 24". I can evan fit my stripping basket in. Go get one now before they're gone. I got mine at Walmart in No. Reading on Rte. 28.


08-02-2000, 10:46 AM
I got a great one at Costco but it cost $40. You got a great deal! I also bought a big rolling bin for $14, love it. I leave my waders and raingear in it and not even a drop entered during the rainstorm.

CHeck out they are selling an inflatable kayak for ~$400. It sounds like a good idea to be able to deflate when desired, but it does have a keel and looks like a serious rig.

08-02-2000, 11:19 AM
I found that my laundry basket works great!
However, there's no cover like a duffle bag.
(great deal @ Wal-Mart!)