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12-26-2008, 09:46 AM
Hi bonefishers
I havnt been on the site for a while, but finally get to try for some bones once again and am hoping for some guidance. Being dragged off to the USVI next month, and after some extensive browsing have found Anegada is the place for me to try for some bones, so will be taking a ferry over there for 4 days. Any tips on places to stay, kayak rentals, where the bonefish spots are etc. Will be staying on Water island the rest of the trip and looking for fly action there also.
Need tips

wet line
12-26-2008, 02:53 PM
I was on Anegada this past November. Only got to fish a half day due to a tight schedule (was helping to deliver a sailboat).
Took the ferry over from Tortolla........quick ride, fairly cheap and very uncrowded. Anegada is a beautiful little atoll, much different than the rest of the Virgin Islands.

I was hoping to fish with one of the Faulkner brothers, but due to an uncertain schedule was unable to book with them them at the last minute. PM me for Kenneth Faulkners phone number. Kenneth ended up putting me in touch with Danny Vanterpool [non-sponsor link removed] I think these might be the only two guides on Anegada...not sure about that. Anyway I met Danny first thing in the morning (same day I took the ferry over) and we headed straight out. Beautiful day,..wind was blowing maybe 5-10 knts, lots of sunshine and minimal cloud cover and a rising tide. My hopes were high.
But unfortunately my hopes were unanswered by the end of the day. We saw very, very few bonefish. The first small school we saw,,,, only after they saw us :(. The second small school, and they were the last school we saw, gave me two casts and two refusals...and that was it. Could not find another bonefish to save our lives.
I couldn't believe it. The flats looked great but were void of bonefish....or we just couldn't find them :( I did have an unexpected encounter with a nice size Permit that caught me and Danny off guard....I had several nice shots at him but could not get him to eat...the story of my life with Permit.
When noon time rolled around I called it quits. The tide was high now and Danny's fish finding skills and confidence were not impressing me. I walked away with two small can always count on a snapper to save the skunk :)
I have to believe that there are higher numbers of bonefish on these flats and maybe under the right conditions and guide one could have an awesome bonefish experience...but it did not work out that way for me.
If I could do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would either get a hold of one of the Faulkner brothers or do a DIY trip.
PM me if you want anymore specifics. Aslo check the forum on BVI Pirate for more info. a guy name Walker on there seems to have a wealth of info about fishing around the islands.
Good luck and Merry Christmas,

12-30-2008, 06:10 PM

Hope I can help a bit, I have fished Anegada a couple of times, here is what I can contribute from a novice bonefisherman:

Guides: Garfield Faulkner (garfield guides (284) 495-9569 ) and his brother guide and they are competent and work hard for you, as well as know the waters well.

DIY is difficult but can be done, if you get the Faulkners to guide you they will let you know where to wade from shore, you can very clearly and easily walk out to the flats but they have the insight into the best areas and the best access above what is obvious.

Where to stay- I imagine you have done some research on the island as mentioned it is a atoll and it has limited lodging, the two hotels are Anegada Reef Hotel and Neptunes, there are also a variation of cottages.

Ferry- I believe that you have to ferry from Tortola to Anegada so you will have to get to Tortola etc..a bit of planning can get you there.

There very little provisioning on the island so I would recommend staying at Neptunes or ARH both will be fine for food as well, get the fresh fish at Neptunes!!

As for the flats, there is one side of the island that has the flats (several miles), they can run deep so DIY with some caution and planning- there are several mangroves in the middle of the flats that you can DIY.

You will probably get a shot at a permit, Cuda etc so be prepared. Make sure you bring all of the gear you will need, do not count on guides and any resources on island.

They like flys that are light, no weight other than bead chain, light in color and usual sizes, I would not count out a light bait fish patterns as well.

The Bones I believe run pretty big there but I have little to compare to.

There are some other parts of the islands aka beach side that has some fun action, bones, triggers, Cuda etc..

good luck

01-01-2009, 03:21 PM
Hi John
Yes, I have searched the "webnet" on Anegada till my keyboard broke,hahaha. Not a lot of info on the island. Neptunes is where we will probably stay, sounds like a nice place and Randy seems like a nice fellow in his emails. Garfield is a great option, and may contact him. Actually only have two full days/nights planned on the island with the wife with an extra day each side for ferry travel, will be staying on St.Thomas before and afterword, so the only way I get to go to Anegada this trip is to go with the wife with a promise of exploring the flats in rented kayaks, hopefully we can find the kayaks to rent, "I told her we could". This is kind of like an exploratory trip, bonefishing/exploring is the reason for going, so hanging out with a guide for a day may not be in my best interest as far as she is concerned.
Will just have to see how things pan out when we get there.
But would like to get as much info as I can...Does Nueptunes or anyone else rent kayaks on the island ?
Is the ocean side worth fishing for bones/tarpon ?
Or should I just stay on the backside flats ?
Should I bring a light tarpon rod by chance ?
Should I concentrate my bonefishing down below the settlement or middle by the port/mangroves or up near Pomato point area ?
Any help is much appreciated.

01-02-2009, 07:42 AM
I have fished Anegada 3 times both with Garfield and DIY. I can give you a couple of tips on places where I found fish but I found it a difficult place to fish on your own. The flats on the south side are vast and its difficult to narrow down the areas where you will find fish. It would take many days of fishing. I haven't used a kayak there so that could give you access to the flats east of The Settlement which I haven't fished other than with Garfield. You would probably have to put in at the docks near the settlement. Its difficult to access past that point.

Right there at Neptunes is a small coral flat that extends from the point with a casuarina tree on it. At low tide fish it. Large bonefish will come up on it at times and permit along the edges.If you go down to where the bridge is you can fish from it both east and west. I didn't see many fish but did catch a couple up west, back towards Neptunes, where the beach gives out and you get to the mangroves. They were right up on the beach in little pools.

Tarpon hang out year round at The Anagada Reef hotel but I had no luck hooking up. Think they are attracted by the cleaning of the lobsters every evening. You can fish the government dock at night. Large tarpon come in there under the lights. I did hook a few and it was fun but I had no chance of landing them on the gear I had with me. I have seen reliable reports that tarpon can be taken right off the beach west of neptunes up to the west end point. They chase schools of bait fish but it has to be the right time of year. This was in November so they may not be there when you are there.

There is a lot of coral, near shore, on the north side, west of Cow Wreck, up near the west end point. I have walked that area and seen large barracuda and permit. I have also seen bonefish walking the north side beaches.

01-02-2009, 10:22 AM
Great tips, thanks alot. I know it is going to be very difficult at best to hook up on bones doing a DIY when only there for two days. But the tips you guys are giving me at least give me a fighting chance.
I have searched the web for the anegada tide tables, of course there is none, and the only tide tables I can find that are even close is over on St. John cruz bay, which is a heck of a long way away from anegada, anyone have any tips on finding the tide predictions for anegada. .
Thanks alot everyone for the tips and any more that you can think of.

01-02-2009, 07:06 PM
If you have limited time, which it appears you do - focus on dawn and dusk as well as times of peak flood. Ebb is also good where creeks drain from large flood basins where bones feed.

But in all the places I've been where the fishing is spotty, dawn and dusk had the most activity particularly with tailers.

01-02-2009, 07:19 PM
I am not trying to discourage you on Anegada because I would love to go there myself someday but I think with your limited time and you're already going to be on STT you would be better off going to St. John.

There are DIY flats there and I think the travel time from STT would be easier on you...because first you would have to get to Tortola then connect to another ferry in Road Town to Anegada that only goes on M/W/F I think. I bet there are ferries to St. John several times a day from somewhere on STT....

And while on STT...try Magens Bay Beach early in the morning before the crowds get there...

Just a suggestion.

Either way good luck.

01-02-2009, 08:48 PM
Thanks juro and n1gdo. Yes , it is going to be a very limited trip while on Anegada, this is just a short trip to anegada to see if it would be worthwhile in the future to make it a main destination. I will be on water island the rest of my 2 week trip, which will include trips to St John and St. Thomas, frequently..

I am looking for any flats/bones/tarpon info while I am on these other isles also.
I was was in the BVI 2 years ago and hooked up on quite a few tarpon around tortola and virgin gorda, so am hoping I will also find them in the USVI also.
It will be a full day trip each way from St. Thomas to anegada and back. But I love exploring new places and meeting new island people, so it will be worth the time spent.

Any tips on the DIY flats on ST.John or St. Thomas?
Thanks again for the tips to make our trip a much better experience.

01-03-2009, 05:52 PM
I think you will find Anegada worth visiting whether you find bonefish or not.
The north side is 15 miles of beautiful beaches with excellent snorkling right off the beach. You can find stretches of beach where your footprints will be the only ones in the sand. Grab a fly rod and take a walk with your wife.

01-03-2009, 08:15 PM
You do have a great idea. Take a walk with the wife and bring a fly rod. The best part is, she is such a good sport that she will carry my tarpon rod while I pack the bone rod. I have gotten her into bones before, she thinks its easy, whenever she is with me bonefishing I put out immense effort to get her onto fish and everytime she hooks up immediately.
She loves these exploration trips as much as I do.

01-04-2009, 07:54 AM
Sadly my pc crashed a month ago and I lost a ton of DIY info I had saved for years... I know I know BACK UP YOUR PC from time to time.

On St John I remember that there are bonefish at some small flats at Little Maho Bay and Maho Bay and Leinster Bay (the biggest flat) also folks said by the Anneberg Ruins there are flats. and Marys Creek.

Closer to Cruz Bay I think there were little bays where Snook and Tarpon could be found.

This is all from my weakening memory sorry...

Is Water Island just off STT ?

Good luck and I will try to find more info for you.

01-04-2009, 01:29 PM
Yes, Water island is a 10 minute ferry ride from STT. The earliest ferry off of Water island is 6.30am, so I will have to be catching that ferry to try and do some quick bonefishing in the early wee hours on STT. & STJ..

Thanks for the tips and any more you can think of.

01-05-2009, 02:57 PM
The 3 times I have been to Anegada all were with my family, I truly love the island and if you are looking for some time with the wife and be able to fish a bit and explore it is entirely possible. The beach side can be fished as stated above and can be a lot of fun.

If you want to explore the flats on your own then pull off at the power station near the settlement(ask someone if you can not find it but there is little on Anegada and easy to find), there is a a trail of sorts to your left of the station and you can walk in from there and this will get you to the best wading on the flats DIY. The other suggestions above are decent places as well.

I think the ferry will be a bit of work, you can fly in but it is not cheap, caribbean wings does the flights and we have used them in the past. I would hit Cow Wreck, Loblolly and Flash of Beauty beaches and all can be fished minding any beach goers. If you hit Flash of Beauty- take a walk east of the beach (walk right facing the water) with the wife, bring some wading shoes just to get out a bit to cast, you should enjoy this...

I had a hard time fishing at Dawn on the flats, very difficult to see anything but tailers and the water can be too deep for tailing. You will need to rent a car as well.

As for Kayaks, ask Randy and if he can't help then ask at ARH. There are not alot of Kayaks on the island but I am sure someone will help you out if you search it out.

Try the conch fritters at Cow Wreck. also they usually get a few cruising bones on the beach everyday..

01-06-2009, 07:43 PM
thanks for the great tips. Sounds like a mile or two hike east of the power station will get me into a good DIY spot. I noticed there were not any roads down in that area and looks like some pretty large inland tidal ponds with some mangrove.
Should be able to make do with that. Sounds great.
Fishing on the beach side. I assume the water will be too deep for flats type fishing. Right in the middle of the island on the atlantic side it looks as though the reef makes contact with the shoreline in a couple of places, may be a good spot to try for tarpon or permit, any suggestions with this thought.
Thanks again petrofly.

01-06-2009, 09:13 PM

If you want we can chat on the phone or e-mail,, I can provide more details that way (I am in NH FYI).


01-07-2009, 04:21 PM
I've chartered a sailboat out of Tortola the past 5 years and will be back to Anegada on January 20th seas permitting. I used my dinghy last year with little success except for a bonefish nursery in the mangrove a half mile from the town dock with 10" fish. Agressive little guys though. Can anyone identify any landmarks that I can use to reference good drifting or wadings spots on the south / southeast flats?

01-07-2009, 04:23 PM
I've chartered a sailboat out of Tortola the past 5 years and will be back to Anegada on January 20th seas permitting. I used my dinghy last year with little success except for a bonefish nursery in the mangrove a half mile from the town dock with 10" fish. Agressive little guys though. Can anyone identify any landmarks that I can use to reference good drifting or wadings spots on the south / southeast flats?

01-07-2009, 06:45 PM

as you head towards the east on the flats side (southside), you can see I believe the power lines/tower from the power plant you will see mangroves in the flats, from there east towards the eastern tip is decent topo. There is an area along shore that juts out a bit may be an inlet, I am not sure how far east from the plant it is but I think a mile or so, from there and out from shore is where we spent quite a bit of time. You need a boat to get that far east but there are spots to get out and wade.

I hope that helps- it is difficult to describe, DIY is tough though, the Faulkners (guides) really know the island-they are belongers to Anegada and guide quite a bit, you will not be disaapointed, you can go for a half day guiding. We have stayed on island for 10days on vacation sveral times. I realize cruising in does not afford you alot of time on the island but if I were there for a day or two with family/friends aka non fisherman I would just head over to the north side and fish there. The north beaches do have bones/permit/cuda and triggers catchable from shore. Just an idea given the short stint on the island. Cow Wreck has some very nice bones cruise through and if you are advenurous there are permit spots on Windless bay so I have been told.