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: Friday Night Supper

Jay C.
06-08-2000, 12:46 PM
Hi all,

Can we get a count for those that would be interested in a spaghetti dinner Friday night? Nothing fancy, we just don't want to have to go out Friday night so we can focus on plans for Saturday AM. Also this should make it easier on food prep for everyone. We'll have a little chianti available on the side as well....

Jay and Diane

06-08-2000, 03:18 PM
I probably won't be at camp until 6:30-7:00 pm. What time are you planning to cook? Count me in if the timing works.

I was originally thinking of heading to the evening tide but with the tent set-up duties and all that I think I'd better make it a domestic night.


Jay C.
06-08-2000, 04:09 PM
We expected to cook supper around 7:00 PM, so it should work out fine. I agree that a little camp domestic stint might make a lot of sense to have the rest of the weekend go smoothly.....


06-08-2000, 04:59 PM
It will take wild horse to keep you guys from fishing. Stop kidding yourselves.
When Sully and I got to the mighty Boneclave all we found was a big silver tarp! No welcome commitee, nobody putting a Lei over your head, just a tarp. "Hmm, where is everyone????"

(of course I'm just jealous to be stuck up here on the mainland)


06-09-2000, 02:13 PM