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: recommendations for father son trip-march.

11-21-2008, 04:33 AM
last night i had one of those gratifying parental moments with my youngest son which has lead to my inquiry.
not to bore anyone, but for me it meant a lot. he is 18 and a senior at a boarding school in new hampshire. we began fly fishing together when he was a kid. we did one of those orvis weekend schools. i really took to it. it has been a passion ever since.he did not, although he did "appease" me a couple of times over the next few years by coming on a couple of trips for a day or 2. he then began discovering girls and excuses, and eventually just laughed :chuckle: when i asked him to go out on the boat with me or on a trip. too uncool was the impression i got.:roll: i eventually stopped asking.
i have always felt a twinge of sadness that this thing we started together never materialized.:(
last night, i had to pick him up as school closes for the week of thanksgiving. out of the clear blue he told me that he wanted to "get back" into fly fishing and asked if and where he and i "could go flyfishing together"over one of his school vacations this year. could've knocked me over with a feather. :whoa: , but it sure warmed my heart.:)
anyway, that's what brought me to my inquiry. christmas break is spoken for and march break is next. he's off for the last 3 weeks of the month. he hasn't picked up a fly rod in 5 years or so, and hadn't done much prior to that. so his casting skills are probably quite limited, and i think that to hold his interest he'll want to be doing sufficient catching.
any thoughts?

11-21-2008, 07:08 AM
That's a great story... reminds me of when I asked my father that too long ago... and we did that, but during the summers in Quebec.. Unfortunatly as I got older he had too many hip surguries to keep it going. Anyway, my boys are not too much older than your boy and they have gone out with me on occasion but only down the Cape. Both have good casting skills, since I worked with them when they were young...just teaching them what to do and time took care of the rest of it, plus good lacrosse skills took care of the rest...It is great when, you realize that you might have thought they did not share your passion ,only to discover that it comes around with them as they get older.... the apple does not fall far from the tree.... I certainly do not have recommendations for March and I know you have alot of experience with Bahamas and other tropical locations.... and March is the good month. ( I remember taking them out one year on a charter out of the Atlantis to do some wreck fishing with spinning rods, and they still remember that as the highlight of their Bahama trip). You atleast know that you can plan some NH locations later in the spring with him and still have the summer to spend time together as well.... Whatever you do...don't forget the camera! On a lighter side , the only draw back is when they rifle though my fly tackle stuff and the reel I wanted to use is somehwere under their bed.... and not rinsed down after use.:tsk_tsk: :)... I just wanted to includ a pic of my dad around late 1950's with his trusty Phlueger reel and fiberglass flyrod..and far less equipment than we use today... reel, rod, flies.... leaders in pants pocket, pocket knife for cutting lines.. white t-shirt and pressed tousers.... Must have been taken right after Sunday Mass and he just had time to take of the shirt and tie...

11-23-2008, 02:34 PM

Great story! Time on the water with your kids is priceless. With all of the things that kids have to do these days, one would think that fishing would be their last choice. Congrats on raising him right. Anyway, I run a fly fishing lodge in Belize. I will be advertising on this forum within the next few weeks. March is one of our best months for Permit and Bonefish and we would love to have another father-son trip. We had a father-son dou come down this August and we all had a blast with them. We posted their photos up on our reports page and you can see the joy in their face.
If you are interested, please respond or email me and I will get you going with a fabulous package.

Go to and check us out. The father-son dou can be found on or reports page for the week of August 19th.

look forward to talking to you-Mark

11-24-2008, 06:56 PM
March is a great time in the Bahamas, particularly some of the venue at Acklins. Both my sons have accompanied me to this area, and we had a tremendous time. Last year we stayed with Bob Berquist, who has a very attractive location on the southern tip with gratt accommodations, guides, bots, the more importantly, a lot of fish. Both flats and bluewater are available. Recommnded highly.