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: Flyfishing at night is crazy! (was Hermit I.)

07-05-2000, 10:35 PM
For the sake of this discussion we should omit all spinfishing at night testimonials as I originally whined
about nightime FFing. Knowing that many big fish, including brown trout and Largemouth, come out at night who wouldn't want to stand there with a spinning outfit? But since I'm in a FFing only portion of my fishing life right now, the whiping of big hooks past your head at 50 to 80 MPH in the dark is kinda on the wild/silly side to me. But, I'm from the show me state on this one. So I want to see this work. My "significant smother" just informed me I got about a 30 hour hall pass weekend after next. Maybe we could get a <b><i>Let's convince Terry about the pleasures of night FFing</b></i> one nighter going. B-Bay? Roop? Al? Greg? It's gotta be south side of cape, best fishing around or it ain't worth it! BTW, I do have a night lamp and some expirience at this.. oh ya..leave the eels and spin gear out of this one. We're talking whiping in the dark (good thing it's dark, imagine how silly we look out there).


07-06-2000, 06:46 AM
Good idea Terry - I need some impetus to do something other than the sunshine big bass funk I've fallen into" border="0" align="middle">

Since I went to the trouble, I'll say again... I like the <b>Morris Island</b> gig from the lighthouse heading south. Per my earlier post on the Maine thread, Morris Is. offers ease of access; diverse structure and miles of shoreline; and proximity to one of the true big fish meccas (Monomoy). It provides a fertile estuary with big fish (Stage Harbor). The bait of the day is Sand eel, crab and silversides - all good options for us fly guys. When the pogies arrive in the area things will get crazy in that corner.

<b>South Beach</b> has been hot this year as most already know. I've fished that hard in years past at night as has my good friend Bill Littlewood (now a member from Seattle) who used to use a surf board and drysuit w/ flyrod in hand to fish the crazy surf. Back when the legal size was 36" there were plenty of 34-35 3/4" fish to be had on flies at night. South Beach also offers inside flats / shoal fishing opportunities.

Side note: three weeks ago there was a slug of big bass on West Dennis beach. I wished the wind was not howling from the south; many keeper bass were landed from the beach on plugs and I saw a mind-boggling display of big busting bass of canal proportions one morning w/ my son and brother in law about 100-200 yds offshore. Even the plug guys couldn't reach them but the size of the explosions made my teeth grind. The area around Bass River mouth gets visits from big bass at night when the fish are in the area. A full tide without crap in the water (say after a day or two of a north wind for instance) at night w/ partial moon and bait in the area is great for sweeping the beachfront or working the mouth of the river. Once the bulk of the migration passes the region it's a schoolie show but the PM fishing stays strong in the area longer.

Outer beaches are great at night. Sure it's hard to deal with widow-maker waves when you can't see, but I recall a slack night tide or two with fish stalking the washline that would make you think twice about walking your chihuahua along the beach. <img src=" Race Point to Nauset, take your pick.

Upper cape - calm, fertile and a distinct horizontal flow during tide changes not to mention numerous salt pond outflows. Easy access at night and plenty of good fish working the area. A South Beach / Wacky death march?

So many options... I'm up for Morris Island if anyone else is.

07-07-2000, 09:51 PM

Let me see what the boss has decided I will be doing.

We will definitely need to enlist the assistance of Big John Marota.