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: Bass Invade Miramichi - and Politics ignoring Salmon

10-23-2008, 08:48 AM
News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation - Oct. 23/08

Who cares about Atlantic salmon? Today's Halifax Chronicle-Herald and other newspapers are carrying an Opinion Letter from the Atlantic Salmon Federation's President Bill Taylor. It asks why the Conservatives chose not to answer a set of questions on the future of wild Atlantic salmon.

There are links to the responses of other parties and individuals at the front page of ASF's site -

In other developments affecting Atlantic salmon rivers, there are concerns raised about the discovery of smallmouth bass introduced into the Miramichi River system. Nearly a quarter of all salmon returning to North America spawn in the Miramichi's streams.

ASF's Dr. Fred Whoriskey is on the crisis team working to counter this threat to the Miramichi watershed, and many others are concerned and watching the issue closely, including the New Brunswick Salmon Council. Another article addressing it is:

On the other side of the Atlantic there has been exciting news -for the first time in a half century, Atlantic salmon have been found in Switzerland. There has been a major restoration effort for the past two decades on the Rhine - and it shows that success can be achieved.

Finally, a perspective suggesting we stop to take a breath of autumn air, and watch Atlantic salmon swimming upstream. It can be a moment of beauty, and insight into the environment and our place in it. The author suggests a visit to for more information on Atlantic salmon.

10-23-2008, 02:33 PM
I sincerely hope NO Salmon ( or Steelhead) fisherman voted for 'arper and his flock of pinheads !
At least Newfoundland got it right !!

Salmon Chaser
11-07-2008, 07:59 PM
This salmon chaser just said NO to "arper"
Layton and the boys at least sounded like they gave a damn
Some days i think the Federalies wish there wasn't a fish a swimmin anywhere!! Soon they may get their wish:mad:
Salmon Chaser