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10-15-2008, 01:12 PM
I fished the Cains and Miramichi during the period 10/11-10/13, 2008. The water was high and cold, which pretty much turned the Miramichi of, but was pretty good for the Cains.

We started on the Cains and I landed a 10-pound hen after about 45 minutes of fishing. Unfortunately, that was the last fish either I or my fishing partner caught. The fish were there, but they just turned off. The morning I caught the fish, the water temp was 50 degrees, the next morning at about the same time it was 46.

We had no luck in the Miramichi at all.

Both rivers had been fishing well the week prior to our arrival. The trip was still well worthwhile. The weather was great -- sunny and in the mid-60s or high-70s, no wind, and beautifully colored foliage. I was surprised that the leaves had not fallen off the trees so late in the season, as had been the case in years past, but they hadn't even reached their peak colors when I was there.

I'll can't wait to get back on the water next summer.

10-26-2008, 07:05 PM
I was lucky enough to sneak a salmon trip to New Brunswick in with business meetings that I was attending in the east in mid-October. So, Jackie Scott and I were ‘on the Miramichi’ from Oct. 10 through to the 15th. Our last day was the closing day of the Atlantic salmon season on most of the system.

The weather was spectacular for most of the trip, with warm sunny fall days, no serious rain and not too much wind. The fall colours were just past their prime when we arrived in camp on October 9, and were a great show during our stay. The Main SW Miramichi was in good fishing form, with the water falling from initial good-high levels throughout our trip. However, the water was cold, few fish were showing and it proved difficult to move them to the fly. We fished 4.5 days on the Main SW behind Doaktown and spent a day and a half on the Cains. We saw fish in every pool, but many of them had been up the rivers since June and all of them were hard to tempt.

So, it was typical Miramichi River fishing – which often can be pretty tough. I had a very lucky trip, catching two grilse on the Main, and landing a salmon and a grilse on the Cains River. These were the first two fish I’ve ever caught on the Cains – after many years of trying! Jackie and our guide Bill Johnston landed another Cains River grilse and Jackie closed off our trip with a trout from the Cains. We rose fish and/or had a pull on most days – just enough to keep us casting with some conviction.

The fly of the trip was a big General Practitioner (#2), which brought three fish to the net. I had a rough trip on gear, putting holes in two pairs of waders and having to buy a new pair of wading boots in Doaktown (Thanks Bruce!). As always, it was great fun to fish with Jackie and Bill, and to renew friendships with some of our favorite Doaktown folks!

The eternal Atlantic salmon calendar ticks on … I’ve got my entries into the November 1st pre-season lotteries for limited-rod waters on the Quebec Rivers in 2009.

I'm rubbing a lucky talisman as I type ...…

Jim Corrigan