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10-14-2008, 04:01 PM
Fished it from a boat for my first time today. It's everything I had hoped it to be. Acres of bass beyond description. Much larger than the South County fish of late. No Albies today.


10-15-2008, 06:18 PM
It 's a very special place. Nothing like it. I'll never forget the time Striper (Mike Mayo) took me over there to fish. We were in the middle of the Redbone Tournament. It was intense. Little did we know. We managed to hook an Albie but I never landed it. Thanks again Mike. FishHawk

10-16-2008, 07:53 AM
I grew up on LI. My brother and I used to drive out there and fish the beaches. We never experienced the crowds I hear about now. Guess times have changed. I don't think I ever saw a flyrod on the beach or from a boat back then.

10-17-2008, 11:29 AM
Fished Montauk 10/2-10/4 hit & miss w/ a flyrod from the beach. If possible get on a boat. Spin rod for backup to reach bass within reach. Fished Salmon River 10/11-10/13 good fun fishing, decent run. fish away from the normal parking areas, not a bad crowd, they all had manners.
Have fun!


10-17-2008, 01:48 PM
early steel or salmon (SR)?

10-17-2008, 05:58 PM
Both but king salmon was the catch of the day! Big fish big fun!

Mike Oliver
10-21-2008, 12:37 PM
Montauk has been an ugly zoo due to the outstanding fishing in September. Cell phones and Internet has made that a 100% bet. Incredible day time blitze fishing especially for the fly boats. There have been serious issues with fly boats crowding surf Fishers and the Surf Guys have been a tad aggressive to each other to. My friends have just come back today from a weeks fishing at M. Last week saw a sharp drop in the quality of the fishing from the beach. Fish were very picky and Rainbait was the cause. Only very small flies would catch. Plug Guys could make 50 casts into a blitze for zero.

Too many stories of Fly Boats getting on the shore side of blitzing fish and really peeing off the shore bound Fisher. Boats also guilty of charging down on top of fish and putting them down for everyone. Some of these boats are skippered by Guides?. Someone will get hurt as Surf Guys start casting wrongly 3 oz metals at the boats.

First week in Oct was stunning. It may be picking up now that the weather is turning a bit colder.

Crowds so bad parking lot at the "End " was full upper and lower. Big lines at the Bake House in town for breakfast.

Still wish I could have been there, but not this year, had to cancel two months before.
Fly fishing impossible from shore because of shoulder to shoulder fishing.


10-21-2008, 05:11 PM
I have recently returned to the UK from Montauk after 6 days of fly fishing from a boat, and I can honestly say, we caught well over 300 bass between the two of us and about 30 albies.

The fishing was absolutely fabulous, and in all honesty, provided you fished a small fly of no more than 3" it was all too easy at times.

Agree with Mike that it was mayhem from the beach, and there were a few rods getting rather aggresive with each other, as well as with some of the boats who I have to admit got much too close to the shore at times.

It was also bedlam off of the beach with boats cutting up each other, running down the blitzes, and other such nonsense, but we found that by running further down the south side every day, there were relatively few boats, and just as many fish.

We fished off of Coconut, where there was not a beach angler or another boat in sight, and bass were blitzing right up on the beach, and had it all to ourselves for a couple of hours.

When another couple of boats finally arrived, we took of and went further down the south side to Gurneys, where again we never saw another boat, despite the fact that there were fish blitzing in huge numbers form Gurneys all the way back up to Ditch Plains on most days.

Just shows that if you dare leave the masses of fish showing around the point area, that you could get yourself some equally good sport, without the hassle of dozens of other boats cutting in font of your drifts, and without the need to disturb the beach fishers in any way.
Blitzing bass at Coconut. No boats & the only fishermen lined up on the beach are the gulls:)
One of many from Coconut, with the fish still feeding in the background & still no boats:wink:

Mike Oliver
10-22-2008, 12:29 PM

Essed Alan told me about some of your adventures. Glad you escaped the madness. I know that South Shore so well. I have walked it enough times. I don't boat fish but rarely so I am used to shanks pony. Never heard of such mass blitzing before and I have done 10 Montuaks now. But my friends had there worst ever week at M with one not catching a keeper on plugs for over 17 days. Their first week was spent touring around Cape Cod and Nantucket. They fished for 20 hourts a day. That is extreeme even for us but it made no difference to the quality and number of fish. They went nocturnal to little avail in M. It was just a case of timing. They needed to be there the week before.

I have enjoyed blitze fishing in the past but every day it would cause even me to take stock and wonder what the heck I was doing. It is a fantastic site though.
Malcolm Gilbert was telling me that some of the Surf Guys were deliberataly snagging fish when thye could not get themmtom take lures and having photos taken. That kinda makes my blood boil. These were shorts to so were being returned badly messed up. A Ranger if on the spot would have had no tickets left in his book.

Must be the worse case of over crowding at M in more than 10 years. Shame as the sea scapes in Montauk are stunning as are the local people.

I can'ty wait to return but it will be late in the season when hopfully the Googs will have gone home to warm homes and hung up their white wellies for the winter.


10-22-2008, 05:24 PM

You are spot on, that is exactly what was happening from the shore, it was mayhem, and it must have been very frustrating for the plug fishers on the beach as it was for the spin fishermen afloat. You couldn't believe the difference, fish a little fly, and for the bass at ultra slow to almostt stop retrieve and it was all too easy, fish a spinner or a big plug from the beach, and you were mostly skunked, or had an odd fish or two, plus a few foul hooked.

Believe it was down to the absolute mountains of baitfish present, all bay anchovies, in the 1.5 to 3" (tops) bracket. The water was thick brown with them for hundreds of yards in some places, and the fish were obviously totally pre-occupied on these, hence the spin/plug fishers were for the most part really struggling even those fishing from the boats.

We ran down that far ever day last year, and never spotted anything, so it was great to find the fish that far down the south side this time around, as we never ever saw another boat venture down further than Ditch Plains, so had it to ourselves for much of the time. For believe me, it was also mayhem from the boats around the point, especially on the Saturday.......Guess who is coming with me next year:) :)

Brian G

10-22-2008, 10:00 PM
That was a fun day even if we didn't get you to land an Albie. Montauk for those of you that are not as familiar is a place where you need to bring your biggest bag of patience. It is full on fall blitzkrieg fishing. If your bag does not include crowds than Montauk is not for you. I have fished there many falls from the boat, never fished it from shore and after watching the guy's on the beach I have no motivation to fish it from the hard stuff. The boats can and do crowd the beach guy's and it inevitably turns into ugliness. The boat guy's really should get a clue as they can't safely get tight to the beach anyway and the beach guy's are very limited as to where they can go. I have watched many a boat get in to close and then the beach guy's start throwing bombs at the boats. I usually stay way clear of the beach and search out areas that are less crowded and still have good fishing. I have on many occassions just picked up and left to go to Gardiners Island where we usually find plenty of fish and far less crowding. The guides are very much in the fray as well, I have had them do some unreal things to me on the water just to get their sports into the fish I am on. I don't own the water or the fish so I usually give way to them and move on. I was over there a couple of Saturday's ago and it was like it has been for a few weeks. Total blitz fishing of mostly bluefish and bass boiling on the surface with very few Albies anywhere in sight. This is unusual for M this time of the year. we fished half the day and left to go to Gardiners where we found miles of bluefish literally. The fishing this fall has in my experience been way off of the norm. The rainbait isn't the problem as there is always tons of rainbait over there at this time. The problem is a lack of Albies and an overabundance of bluefish. A cycle no doubt I would not be unhappy see end. I have never ventured as far south along the southside as the UK guy's but always wnated to and will definitely go further next time over there as this confirms what I always wondered. Montauk is Montauk and as long as you have no preconceived ideas of the fishing over there you will not be disappointed. I have scaled back my trips over there recently due to the madness but it is still fun to go over occassionally and witness the mania.

Mike Oliver
10-23-2008, 08:40 AM

Essex Alan is in the same boat as me now, he got the call from his boss about a week ago. Both of us are seriously Peeded off about it. We are both over 50 and ageisim is hitting already even though it is supposed to be illegal.

With luck lots of it I may make Montauk next year. You were lucky to get so far down the South Shore. Many small boats putting in at Lake Montauk harbour probably don't get that far down often becuase the S. Side can have big seas on it. Most very year I have been the South Side has always been knocked out by dirty water for up to a week at a time. When it's good it's good as you found out.

This sure has been the year for massive shoals blitzing. Our Guys did use a Red Gill and a Jiff lemon to good effect dead drifting but in the line up with the plugging Boys no chance to control the end tackle.

Glad you had such a great trip. Uk is kinda slow after that.


10-24-2008, 06:03 PM
I know all about what has happened to you and Essex Alan, it must come as a real kick in the teeth.

Could well find myself in the same position as I am 65 next year, and my company is about to be taken over in the next 2 weeks, so it could well be me in line for the same sort of call very shortly.

Whatever, both Alan and I will make it over to Montauk next year, and whilst I don't expect to ever experience the kind of fishing we were fortunate enough to drop onto this year, Montauk in October is a very special place indeed, and I can honestly say that whilst I have fished many parts of the world, over more years than I care to remember, there is no better place to be, both for the fishing and the "craic" during the evenings.

With regard to the UK I have only ever cast a fly into the salt twice, (and will probably not do so again) being a salmon fisher, but even that is hard to get back into after such an experience:)

I sincerely hope your present circumstances take a turn for the better, and you too make it out there again next year.


Brian G

Mike Oliver
10-30-2008, 05:59 PM

Thanks for the support. I spoke with Alan yesterday. I hope you don't get the call to the office. It would be three men in a boat then.

You might get a repeat of the fishing next year especially if fly fishing from a sports boat. Even in years when the blitzs are not so prolific you can get into lots more fish than us shore bound Fishers.

I am starting the fight back. Jobs are scarcer than rocking horse dung but I am taking rubbish on just to put food on the table. Royal Mail are paying $10 an hour for post sorting this Dec. I got two weeks work after fighting like hell for such a miserable opportunity. I know of contract rod building all for 18 a complete rod. First responce was to tell the guy to go to hell. I may be back next month cap in hand.

Me and Alan are trying to work out some business ideas but our old brains are just about done in. LOL

The great driving force is to come back to Montauk. I agree with you along with S. Ireland I just love the place. It's so brutal from the shore. I love Cape Cod and this june was fantastic but I now realise I cannot afford CC and Montauk in the same year unless I take to crime. Trouble is no rich to thieve from anymore.

Perhaps we could between the 3 of us set up adventure fishing trips to the USA and at least get our trips part funded that way. Have a think about it Brian I am kinda semi serious.


11-02-2008, 03:05 PM

Will get back to Montauk next year whatever, and sincerely hope that you make it back too.

I will know what my own position is within the next 14 days, and will have a chat with Alan, over your suggestion.

Sincerely hope you have a change of fortune for the better very soon.

Kind regards,

Brian G

Mike Oliver
11-28-2008, 08:53 AM
Cheers Brian. I will call Alan up soon and see what he is doing. Still fish at M but it is very cold now.