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: FFF Team Blanked Skunked & Humilitated on the Deschutes

10-04-2008, 03:47 PM
Neal, David, Juro and I set forth on this adventure Monday afternoon. We met in The Dalles, and lumbered south. On the way to the Oasis Resort in Maupin, we stopped at Shearar's Falls to see what was shakin' with the steelhead. Suffice it to say, the ladder and fish trap at the falls were jammed. The Steelhead and fall Chinook (Kings, to everyone else) were entering the trap at the top of the falls at a rate of about one every half-minute. It was a very strong push and put us all in high anticipation mode, an understatement.

We launched on Tuesday at Pine Tree. Floated down to Lockit. Fished many productive runs. With Zero result.

Woke up Wednesday morning; fished the Lockit water up and down with no result.

Floated down to about Milepost 8 (near Kortge's, if you're familar with the river); camped and fished there). I wandered out in the middle of the afternoon and hooked a small steelhead, much to the delight of the jet sled that was passing me on the left, and promptly lost it on the first jump. Only silver gladiator of the trip.

We fished hard Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and afternoon. We cherry picked the drifts, as there was little competition other than guides, and hooked nothing (I take that back: Juro landed a redside (local name for resident rainbow) and took about a thousand pictures of it). After skunking out at Wagonblast, we bagged it and headed for home.

Great pleasure to fish with Dave, Neal and Juro. Wonderful guys, and they brought super food -- so, at least, we camped and ate well.

The Three Musketeers were extremely gracious about the lousy fishing, which I truly appreciate. I like to go fishing and catch fish; if I don't, I get pretty surly. Such was not the case with these gentlemen.

Here's a commercial: Dave had not, to any appreciable degree, Spey casted before this trip. Juro had him casting like a competent veteran at the end. Wonderful to see.

Maybe next year,

Lousy Guide on the Deschutes

10-04-2008, 05:00 PM

10-04-2008, 06:24 PM
Effing-A, that's the totem!


10-06-2008, 06:48 PM
You guys floated from Pine Tree to Locket in one day? I make that about 25 miles, on hell of a long days float.

I was down there from 9/22-9/25. I camped at Beavertail for 3 nights and fished the section of river between there and Macks canyon. I had my raft with me but didn't use it. I found quite a few good peices of water in that stretch, that I could access from the road.

I am curious about the water between Macks and the mouth. If I go back next year I will probably float that section. How did you like the water downstream from Macks compared to the section between Pine Tree and Macks?I got a river map while I was there and it looks like there are plenty of camp sites in that section, but I also saw a lot of boat traffic and was wondering what the competition is like.


10-06-2008, 10:51 PM
Hey, Bubba,

As far as I'm concerned, the fishing starts below Macks Canyon. Lots of beautiful, long, uncrowded drifts (for the most part), and as you mention, plenty of campsites.

The rapids get bigger and trickier as you near the mouth. Washout, at MP 8, shoud be scouted from the right bank if you've never run it before.

Gordon Ridge, Colorado and Rattlesnake are all big. Rattlesnake is the trickiest, trying to find the channel on the far left, but, as long as you have one of those guide books (e.g., Quinn and Quinn) you won't have any trouble in a raft.

The river moves pretty steadily at 3-4 mph, so it's no big deal to go from Pine Tree to Lockit in a few hours, if you want to. You just push all the way.