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Jamey McLeod
09-08-2008, 05:25 PM
15ft10wt-3, cast maybe 20 times, cork a tad bit soiled, great shape. Big rod for big water.


12ft12wt-3, fished often, landed many fish of all kinds. Still in great shape, cork well broken in, a few scratches here and there, nothing that undermines the integrity of the rod. Don't let the "12wt" scare you off, its the AFTM rating for shooting heads. It tosses 400grain heads two handed overhead 150ft with one false cast. I have also fished a 575grain SA Streamer Express on it. Rod also makes a great Scando style river fishing stick. Guideline DDC 10/11 cut to 38ft is great, anything 550-600grains. Alot like their 1208-3, but a tad stiffer/beefier.


$20.00 shipping on each.

Email: Speytrout@yahoo.com

Will not ship to Europe due to changes in our Postal regs.

Will go to ebay by the end of the week.