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: First Striper!!

i'm so outta here
10-04-2000, 05:53 PM
My wife Jen has always enjoyed catching bass and blues and even largemouth and smallies on light spin gear, but recently she asked if I would teach her how to fly fish. We've gone out together a dozen times this season, but until today she has never hooked up in the salt.

She was down by Mass Maratime 'round about high tide fishing a pogey pattern I had tied for her last week. She saw a pod of bait about 50 feet from her, kept trying to reach it, but was coming up short. She hunkered down, summoned up as much attitude as she could, and heaved a really stellar cast right on the forward edge of the pod -- she is a beginner remember. A few strips later, BANG! A nice fat 25" schoolie that got her down to backing

I didn't have the heart to tell her the drag was set too loosely. She hooked up one more time in another spot before calling it quits.

The look on her face as she walked through the door tonight was one of complete and total gratification. I asked her if she would still throw spin gear to which she replied, "only if you break my fly rod." Guys, we have another convert.

God help me


I remember being on a jetty somewhere with tunoids on one side and bass in the point rip. Juro was trying to help me cast better and I was getting worse not better. He decided to leave me alone for a while and fish himself. No sooner had he left than I heaved a really decent cast into the rip -- further than I had reached in all my prior casting efforts to that date -- and was rewarded with a decent fish. It was an incredible moment and has definitely fueled my passion for the sport. It's pretty cool that my wife had a very similar experience today and that we now have yet another passion to share. I joke around a lot about it but man I'm proud of her!


10-05-2000, 07:54 AM
All right Jen! Just wait the day is coming when you 2 will have to flip a coin to see who is going to which Clave!
"Call it..Heads I go to the Boneclave and you watch the kid....or tails you go and...."


10-05-2000, 10:26 AM
Great job Jen! Looks like we have another addict! Gotta love the way those fall stripers fight BIG!

10-05-2000, 10:48 AM
Hey Al -

Better watch out, there's nothing more attractive than a cute gal who can fish, never mind flyfish and catch nice bass.

I once took a friends girlfriend fishing. Everyone expected her to be my S/O I guess. She hooked and landed a 15 pound steelhead in a fairly crowded bank, and all the guys came over to ask how I had met her.

They said "how'd your wife learn to like fishin?".

I said "not my wife".

They said "girlfriend then?".

I said "not my girlfriend".

They said "seeeeee-ya!" and with no futher interest in continuing a conversation with me, beelined to chat with Jane.

Funny, this happened over and over that day!

You are a lucky guy, and congrats Jen!


10-05-2000, 11:32 AM
Ummmmmm, Al....

Any chance of getting your wife to talk to my wife?