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: flyfishing/mountainbiking combo trip!

09-01-2008, 08:22 AM

My friend and I decided to flyfish a section of the Grand River (Michigan) today which runs along the Burchfield mtb trail. It was a little far to walk so we decided to ride our mtb bikes. He has never ridden on a "real" mtb trail and so I didn't know if he would like it or not. It was a perfect evening as we stuffed our waders into rucksacks and headed out with our rod tubes in hand. He has never been out to burchfield with his bike and really enjoyed the short ride to the destination. The river being as low as it is right now allowed us some accessibility and we were into fish almost immediately. We ended up catching fish for the next two hours...all Smallmouth bass, (in the 14 to 17" range) and had a blast! the fish all hit like freight trains with no need to set any hook, and the ariel acrobatics were amazing!! The smallies in this stretch of the Grand are very strong, clean fish with nice, dark markings. They happily allowed me to unhook them so I could return them to their pre winter feeding. Occasionally a canoeist would paddle by and we would say our hello's. Just a great way to spend a late summer evening in Michigan!
The time went very quickly and before we knew it we had to leave as the Sherriff comes around at dusk and locks the gate to the park, and if you get stuck with your car in there after dark you're not getting it out til the next morning. We'd spent a little too much time in the river and didn't bother changing out of our waders, but just got on our bikes and high tailed it out to the lot just in time for the gate closing.
It was really one of the best times I've had this summer, doing two of my favorite things in the world. Afterwards we went to my house and had some brews and watched MSU get beat by Cal :frown: . A great end to a great time, and it didn't cost a penny, or eat up the entire day! I had been riding my bike for several years through this park and have often wondered why I never saw anyone fishing these stretches of the Grand River, when it looked like such beautiful water.
I'm heading back tomorrow morning as there were several other sweet little runs I didn't have time to hit, and will also be getting in a ride... tight lines to all of you as the summer bass season comes to an end and we get ready for Salmonid Night Fever!!