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: Matane Update

08-28-2008, 01:50 PM
Haven't been fishing for two weeks due to injury on river. Thankfully, much better now. I just came back from looking at the river. Its pathetically low with no new body of fish entering in the past week or so.

All major pools are filled with fish. Cap Seize and La Cage look like an aquariums with fish lazily milling around with a few properly holding in the tails or heads. Fish are sleeping soundly in the non existent current and have seen every fly in the book although not too many Pecheurs these days.....but not much water either. We need at least a foot more water to start swinging flies.

Air temps have been very hot. No rain to speak of in the past week and a half. No significant rain in the short term forcast. No one is missing anything.

The locals are hopefully waiting for the September rains. I too will wait before wetting a line again. Hopefully we will have a good September.