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: Finally, A Free Weekend

05-26-2000, 11:14 AM
Aside from a couple of brief trips down to the Bass River have not had any chance to fish. Heading down to Dennis tonight for some quality time, bookending some fishing around yardwork. I'd like to do some exploring this weekend but since I'm fried I will keep it simple Saturday morning. Lets see - Cold Storage at dawn, try the jetty or hike down to the bowls in front of Crows Pasture - tides high about 6:30 or the end of Bass River - tides high at about 9:00. I suspect Bass river may be a surer bet.

North to the bay or south to the river mouth - any recommendations?

Fred A.

05-26-2000, 02:14 PM
Hi Fred -

What a wonderful time of year! Great fishing virtually anywhere on cape this weekend. Southside's had fish and will have full tides during off hours; bayside's got fish although the flats tides are mid-day to the negative - meaning Monomoy is an option; upper cape has been boasting great numbers of keepers lately and is always a favorite; outer cape's been fishing crazy with bait and big fish in the surfline; many inside estuaries are still holding lots of fish around the cape; herring are still very much on the menu and fish have been blasting the canal over the last few days.

The whole scene is hot and while folks roll over for a few more winks some of us will be casting a line into the swollen tide waiting for the big slam. I'm having a hard time trying to settle down on an option - but perhaps the three of us (Nate, you and I) could hook up for a morning or evening outing?

With the full tides in mornings and evenings, and talking close to Dennis, I would opt for Hardings, Herring, Parkers or Bass River mouths on the southside ebb. I think the wind is supposed to stay NW and moderate to light making things very pleasant. Gusts or shifts to the west would force backhanded casts but we're used to that.

Wind on the north side would potentially favor the right handed caster, and the beginning of the outflow at Chapin could be explosive when the fish are in there. It's a bit of a hike but on a full tide fish cruise all along that stretch. After experiences on Corporation as a teen, I always stop there to take a peek on full tides. Once you see the fish corral bait and pound them to shreds in that rocky hook, it's hard to drive by there without having a quick look. Sesuit's town beach is often overlooked as a spot to find decent fish spring and fall, and schoolies through the summer. Many slammer blues days off the jetty during the bassless years too.

I fish Cold Storage toward the jetty as opposed to on top of it; and the fish really like the subtle points working toward Crows Pasture. Sounds like you know what I know about accessing Crow's Pasture. With the tide dropping it would be safe to explore although if the intent was to fish the flats you'd be waiting quite a while before the tide was right.

If there's any kind of cover, but no lighting - I plan to open the Brewster Flats season this weekend before the good fish leave it for Billingsgate.

If you'd like to try to hook up send me an email.