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: Feast or famine

08-22-2000, 09:28 AM
Lesson 4069 - never try to repeat a great day, at least not right away.

A friend and I fished South Cape Beach and Waquoit jetties last Friday. Oh, what a day! Some early beach action, then busting bass all day on the Washburn jetty, and the two of us constituted the fishing crowd! We even saw some bonito running through the jetty carnage, but for the most part we couldn't get through the bass. My friend hooked and broke off one tuna, otherwise all bass. They were feeding on the small menhaden that were trying to move from west to east across the channel. Every time the menhaden made a break for it the place erupted. It definitely had the feel of a fall blitz. And it's only August... but it's been a strange weather year so far, so why change now.

I worked over the weekend, so took the day off Monday for a repeat performance. No fish feeding along the beach early, no fish feeding along the jetties. There didn't seem to be nearly as much bait around. I headed to Chatham - plenty of bait on South Beach (both sides) but I couldn't find any feeding fish. Ended the day at Hardings - again, tons of bait but no fish. The other anglers I spoke to during the day reported the same.

Now, if I could only learn to think like a fish....