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: Honesty, does it not count?

Rip Ryder
08-06-2008, 02:00 PM
I recieved a heads up today, form one of our fellow FFF members, about a post on the other Flyfishing forum. The post basically says the Rip Ryder s***s, because we are not running shuttles to South Beach or North Monomoy for fisherman at the moment. BECAUSE THERE IS NO FISH!!! :frown: The admiral and I have been straight up with guys, and letting them know what is going on. With gas at $4 and change, I can't let guys drive in 2+ hours and then take $20 to let them go fish an Island with Stagnant water, an algae blume and dying a slow death from no flow. So we are advising guys to make other choices or if they are coming to Chatham to fish Hardings Beach and Morris Island, which both have been very good as of this week, or to look at spots on the bayside, or maybe head down to RI or Conn if that is closer to them.

This one person on Reel-Time was a regular a few years back and some of you have fished with him. The admiral gave him the news about not going over, and then sent him down to fish Morris Isand, even though he was being a total @$$ towards the Admiral. This guy goes down the stairs fished for the day, comes up bragging about all the fish he caught, and then comes back again the next day and does the same thing down there. We not only told him where to fish, but we also saved him $40. He then feels it's necessary to go run his mouth on the other forum, which for some reason will not post my replies so far.

I mean really, should we not have a conscience and just stick it to people because we can?:Eyecrazy:

For us to take 2 or 3 people out to the island doesn't make good business sense. $60 divided by 8hrs and then take out fuel for the drop/pick up at $5.25= no profit. I am running a business. The admiral and I are also trying to avoid the complaints for bring people out then not catching any fish. I guess we can't win either way, but at least I know I can hold my head up and sleep peaceful at night.

Capt Keith

08-06-2008, 02:51 PM
Man, I was hoping to take a break ...but that tee's me off...I just responded to his post.... let's all cry along with him.:mad:

08-06-2008, 03:26 PM
Captain -

Thank you for your honesty. Your decision to take the downturn in business in stride shows your integrity.

I hope mother nature deals us a winning hand soon, and before I forget thank you again for taking the kids over to North Monomoy the other day.

Some people are just off on their own tangent. In the end it reflects on them not the ones they try to blame.

08-06-2008, 04:47 PM

Admiral Ed & I had a nice discussion about business in general and about that very subject when I was down for the Big Brother day. If it is any consolation I think you are doing the right thing and think very highly of both yourself & Admiral Ed as a result. If & when the fishing improves we will remember that and come back in droves.
Face it Capt'n some people are just jerks.

08-06-2008, 06:34 PM
I'm assuming said jackass is now on your blacklist, and will never be welcome aboard your vessel at any time in the future. You know that you can count on us to support your decisions Keith, as you've always been square with us. Hopefully the fishing there will pick up in the near future, so we can once again have the opportunity to provide you with some meaningful business. I haven't been doing ANY fishing lately, due to a combination of work, Boards exam (finally out of the way), fatigue, and the summer doldrums. I'm hoping things will settle down by the end of September, so that I'll be free to do a rip trip or two before winter sets in.

08-06-2008, 06:39 PM
Perhaps he just wanted to go to the island, regardless whether fishing was good or bad. If one's in the business of providing a ferry service, wrapping that up with a fishery advisory could well be confusing to people.
If I wanted to go there, I would not like to have the trip hinge on a ferry operator's opinion whether fishing was 'good enough' to warrant ferrying me over.

08-06-2008, 06:48 PM
Most years the pea bunker get pushed up inside the refuge as they blacken the waters at the elbow. Time will tell if that was dependent on the old break but with the Stage area dredging and strong tidal flow in the north channel, the approach of the biomass from the SW, and the cooling water temps I suspect the lack of an escape path will make for good odds of a fall make-up period in 2008 of epic proportions and I suspect the hardtails will be right in there too. I really liked the north channel even in doggy July mid-day conditions at the BB event.

If so we can salvage the year with flats fishing bordering on the insane - like standing in a blitz occuring in knee deep water. Usually not very well attended by anglers either, ironically.

I'm sure Keith will let us know when "it's time". Let's try to pool up and make it worth the time and expense when we're ready to scout as well.

08-06-2008, 07:06 PM
Now a day....doing the right thing and having etrhics...sets one up as a target by low lifes................I wouldn't have it any other way....keep up the honest work kieth!!!

PS: Maybe he "mis-spoke"...or maybe you "misremembered"....or he didn't flip flop...he "pivoted'.................a sample of our recent "truths"

08-06-2008, 07:06 PM
I suspect if someone just wanted to go to the island...say, 5 or 6 birders...and only one flyguy showed up...it might be worth the expense for Keith to go over. It appears that the guy wanted to fish and did do so with some luck at Morris Island. I just think it is not right to blast "any" business on line just because the individual didn't get what he wanted.(unless there was some disrespect shown or something else that went beyond )..and...got honest advise about the fishing. Anyway, Keith has informed me at times that he was not going to go out.....and I was the only fisherman there on those mornings. I also knew the fishing was getting hard and if the tides were not right it would not be worth it. I did not go home in a huff and then blast the business all over the place with a big "Thumbs Down"...so it is the first thing seen by anyone looking at the list of posts. Especially when , according to Keith, he did not complain to him....instead he posts it...It's like any business...like..."My mechanic called me today and said he could not take me tommorrow...... I will go on the internet and tell everyone that I can that the business is bad"..."But I will not complain to him naturally"...It is simply not appropriate or right to do stuff like that. In the business I was in I would never blast a staff attorney infront of the other staff members..it is just not done. It's common sense....and appropriate conduct..and polite to pull them aside and speak face to face in private.... Just my opinion. Unless I am missing something this is the way I see it. Why try to humilliate anyone that way...I have seen too many post in the past that "try" to do that...in various ways...but a blind man can see though that stuff. PS..I am just getting old and cranky...and maybe sick of this internet stuff...some forums are brutal with groups of immature uneducated (school or street) people who call you a obscene word, etc.....but these are the type who would not dare do it to your face....naturally)

08-06-2008, 07:32 PM
Unfortunately, there has always been and will always be that 5% (generally a rather noisy 5%). If you let that 5% drive your decisions, then you end up doing a disservice to the other 95% who appreciate the extra value added that you're providing.

08-06-2008, 07:32 PM
Keith, your integrity and honesty will not be forgotten.

Rip Ryder
08-06-2008, 07:33 PM
It was explained to this person why we were not running over there and it was explained that there were no fish to be found. This was explained to him by the Admiral who was a bit taken back by his harsh response. Again, it comes down to my choice not to just take the money, knowing the day is not going to be what they are looking for.

Striblue, I left our little friend a private message about his remark :tsk_tsk: on our friendship, let see if he is man enough to show his face and not hide on the internet.

Let hope for the best in the fall, at least maybe we can get down to the rip where we know there is good flow. Hopefully the hardtails will be runnign against the beach then.

Capt Keith

08-06-2008, 07:50 PM
I am just surprised that they would allow the use of that language (despite the fact that I quoted it in my response)..same guy uses an obscence word in a post about Manny Ramirez. Incredible.... :eek:

08-07-2008, 09:42 AM
Just wanted to add my two cents to what has already been said about Keith's integrity. I have used the the ferry since the mid 90's. During that time Keith has always been willing to direct me to spots in the refuge that would give me the best chance to catch fish. Sometimes he would tell me straight out that it would be better to fish elsewhere. If he knew of a place outside the refuge that was fishing well he would direct me there. It is businesses like keith's who treat their customers well that earn their customer's respect and loyalty.


08-08-2008, 09:17 PM
I want to remind others again that the use of obscenities is not allowed on this forum or any others....Post that are clearly for the purpose of provoking and are coupled with swear words , or even one swear word, will be deleted and matters like this are now with ALL the moderators. Any continued violations will be summarily deleted and copied into the moderator forum . with the potentional of being banned. I blocked out the same word in the first post . The post can stay since it was not a flame.