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: Miramichi Report (7/20-25)

07-30-2008, 11:06 AM
Well, I got back to the office on Monday after six days of fishing on the Miramichi -- the first two days (7/20-21) on private water in Blissfield to which we had access, and the last four (7/22-25) on water leased up river near Doaktown.

The river was full of fish. There were so many people fishing the local license agent ran out of licenses twice. If I hadn't gone in on Sunday and reserved a license for my son, Alex, he wouldn't have been able to buy one when he arrived on Monday evening (7/21).

The first two days Shotgunner and I were the only ones fishing. We fished the Blissfield water and were skunked. The next four days were a different story.

To make a long story short, in four days of fishing near Doaktown, we caught 31 fish, and lost many, many more. My son only fished for two days, and his second day was cut short because he kept a fish, which under NB rules takes you off the river for the rest of the day. Two of us kept a fish on Friday morning, so that ended fishing early for us. Only Shotgunner fished the full session on Friday. Even with those abbreviated sessions, we landed the 31 fish.

The largest fish was about 20 pounds. Mike, one of our friends from Maine, hooked a 15+ pounder that was one of the hottest fish I have seen in a long time. It jumped at least seven times and took Mike into the backing twice -- a real beauty.

Mike seems to have a knack for hooking salmon. Shotgunner fished mainly dry flies and was very successful. I am becoming the grilse getter -- I only hooked one salmon this trip. That was not as bad as it sounds. The grilse this year were very large and very strong.

The final tally was:

Shotgunner, 12 fish
Mike, 10 fish
Me, 6 fish
Alex, 3 fish

There was about a 35/65 ration of salmon to grilse, but, as I said, the grilse were very strong.

If you want to see a report from Shotgunner, with pictures, you may at: http://uppermidwestflyfishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4124

I hope this reference does not violate any rules, because Shotgunner's report is much better than mine.

Leo M
08-08-2008, 07:46 PM
I was in Doaktown on July 19th as a guest of some friends of mine. I was able to fish Saturday evening and Sunday morning. In that span of less than 24 hours I had the best fishing of my life! I live in New Brunswick, am 52 years of age and caught my first Atlantic salmon at the age of 6. To say it is the best fishing I ever had says something. I hope we continue to whatever it is we are doing right.