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: Fishing in Scotland?

04-30-2001, 01:14 PM
Willie, et. al -

We are discussing worldwide destinations and I'd like to know more about the Spey, the Dee, and other deeply rooted historical areas in Scotland.

If a group were to consider salmon fishing there, what is the venue? Seasons? Rivers to target? Ideas on cost?

Of course I would love to stop by the single malt distilleries ;D

Willie Gunn
04-30-2001, 03:40 PM
Hi Juro.
I know a little bit about the Spey but very little about the Dee.

The best time to fish the Spey is now or July. Now the fish are in their prime spring run. July it is mainly grilse, but they are more plentiful, but smaller.

Costs for the best beats Tulcan etc 1000/ week + accomadation. $--- 1.4 x roughly.

Tulcan have their own web page

04-30-2001, 06:47 PM
Hi Willie, tried the Tulcan link but got redirected to "" ?

The Tulcan beats are the last word in luxury ... exceptional bankside maintenance, great ghillies and fishing huts so well appointed you could quite comfortably live in one. The lodge itself takes the concept of luxury to onto another plane altogether! For slightly less $ there used to be some cottages which were also very nicely appointed but I'm going back 10 years. This is also prime single malt country!

The only other river I had any regular experience on was the Tweed in late November down at Yair (sp?). Loads of fish moving through at that time but takers were always very scarce. I managed two fish for four weeks over a fiver year period. Having 20lb plus Atlantics in full spawning livery jump out so close you actually make eye contact is quite exciting however!

My general recollection was that prime beats at prime times are not only expensive but "dead men's shoes" to get in. Prime beats at non-prime times were often over-priced.

Willie Gunn
05-01-2001, 01:37 PM
My spelling let me down. Try the link now it works for me.

The best way to get on to Tuchan is to take the Lodge, yep it costs an arm and a leg but then you get preference over the peasants like me who take the cottages and only pay a leg.

It is easier to get on later in the season but the fish tend to be a bit potted

I had a business meeting cancelled at short notice aned was looking for some fishing at Tulchan but theyare fully booked. I have managed to get on a lower, nearer the sea, beat.

Willie Gunn

05-01-2001, 03:04 PM
Willie I envy you for getting on the Spey any where, any way. Thanks for the link, I only wish more than ever to fish the river. To think that the resurgence of two-handed rods in the pacific northwest today came from these waters is comforting that traditions don't always fade away - particularly in fly-fishing.


05-04-2001, 11:37 AM
This is not Tom Dunlap, but a friend Tom Murley, living in London for a few years. Fished the Spey last August, as well as other rivers. Tulchan is beautiful, but ridiculous in cost. If you really want to stay there, do so, but look to rent one of their cottages. Here is my recommendation. Stay in one of the hotels in Grantown on Spey or Nethy Bridge. You should speak to the Strathspey Estate office in Grantown on Spey for fishing. They have a few beats. I fished Castle Grant and Kinchardie (Kin Har Dee), and took one 13 pounder on the Kinchardie Beat - this was in August. These beats run about L70 ($110) per day, and there is a ghillie on the beat that helps you out. This is a much better deal than Tulchan.

You should also look at some of the smaller rivers, such as Findhorn, Conor and the Ewe. I stayed a second week in Poolewe. Beats are L80 per day on this two mile river, took 3 Salmon. Lodging in the area is much cheaper.

Don't get me wrong, the Spey is great, but production has been dropping due to gill netting and poor fishery management. If you have the big bucks for Tulcan do it, but expect to wear a jacket and tie to dinner.

For the Tweed, you should look at the attached link and book with Leeming. The tweed in great in the fall.

Another option is Ireland, where the fishing and lodging is cheaper. The place is the Delphi lodge, run by the most passionate salmon and sea trout crusader, Peter Mantle

You can reach me at for more info.

Willie Gunn
05-04-2001, 06:02 PM
[quote]tomd (05-04-2001 12:37 p.m.):
< I fished Castle Grant and Kinchardie (Kin Har Dee), and took one 13 pounder on the Kinchardie Beat - this was in August. These beats run about L70 ($110) per day, and there is a ghillie on the beat that helps you out. This is a much better deal than Tulchan.>

Yep It is cheaper you could also fish the association water at Grantown but if you travel thousands of miles you should fish the best. You get what you pay for if you want rubbish by all means schrimp on the price Kinchardiie is like a canal Castle Grant shares some of its water with the Assocication Water. Tulchan has a limit of 6 rods per beat, you do not have to queue to fish the pool and it is all superb fly water.

I do not fish Tulchan, if I do it is a special treat but if I was traveling from America I certainly would not waste my time fishing the Spey in August.

In August the near by Deveron is starting to reach its peak as is the Ness and Findhorn.

The Connon/ Beauly are timeshare so to sugggest these for a weeks fishing shows a somewhat lack of local information.

I have a week on the Connon and have fished the Beauly at the seasons end to help fill the hatchery.