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: NFS Oregon Angling Regulation Proposals

07-25-2008, 11:33 PM
I received the following recently from the Native Fish Society, a non-profit organization striving to improve the native fisheries on the West Coast. Please take a few moments and write the [Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife] commission in support of these proposals.





The following proposals have been submitted to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the sole purpose of improving conservation of wild salmon, steelhead and trout. With few exceptions these proposals were rejected by the department. It is important that you support these angling regulation changes to bring Oregon back into compliance with a strong conservation mission for our native salmonids.

1. 329P John Day River, prohibit use of bait for steelhead and require barbless hooks.
This regulation would apply from Cottonwood Bridge to the mouth at Tumwater Falls from September 1 to December 31. No bait and barbless hooks are required This proposal was recommended by the ODFW District Biologist for the John Day and replaces the original proposal submitted by the Native Fish Society.

2. 276P Sandy River, Allow fishing with bait and barbed hooks below Revenue Bridge; open river above to year round fishing with artificial lures and flies with barbless hooks. Only hatchery salmon and steelhead with a clipped and healed adipose fin can be harvested.
This regulation is directed at providing fishing opportunity on the Sandy River while providing protection for threatened wild salmon and steelhead upstream of Revenue Bridge.

3. 131 P Statewide rule requiring release of all wild steelhead unharmed in all Oregon waters. Fish shall be released without removing them from the water.
Wild steelhead are an investment in the future of our fishery and a released fish increases angling opportunity two to three times without cost to the state.
Reason for Rejection:

4. 271P Molalla River. Proposed rule: Change section of the Molalla which reads “upstream to Horse Creek Bridge” to read “Upstream to Pine Creek Bridge (Clackamas County).” Modify “Use of bait allowed” to read: “Use of bait allowed May 15 to July 15.” Add: “Single barbless hooks required for all species, year round. Catch and release for trout. Bait use not allowed. No limit on size and number of bass taken.”
This regulation is designed and approved by the ODFW District Biologist and submitted by the Native Fish Society. The purpose of this regulation change is to protect spawning areas for threatened wild winter steelhead above Pine Creek Bridge on the Molalla River, allow angler harvest of hatchery spring chinook and a catch and release trout fishery with no bait and single barbless hooks to protect juvenile salmonids and trout.

5. 132P Coastal cutthroat trout catch and release. Proposed rule: “Streams (including tidewaters and bays and the lower Columbia River tributaries): Northwest Zone and Southwest Zone. Catch and release only for non-fin-clipped trout. Bag limits and 8-inch maximum size limits for fin-clipped trout as currently described for the Southwest Zone. Bait is not allowed anytime when angling for trout.” This regulation is designed to protect sea run cutthroat trout and to rebuild their health and abundance. The catch and release fishery ensures increased fishing opportunity and quality.

Write or E-Mail to:
Roy Elicker, Director
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
3406 Cherry Ave., NE
Salem, Oregon 97303-4924

Friday, August 8, 2008, 8:00am

ODFW Commission Meeting

7:00am Car pool from Kauffmann’s
11960 SW Pacific Hwy
Tigard, OR 97223

ODFW Headquarters
3406 Cherry Avenue N.E. Salem, OR 97303:

07-27-2008, 11:39 AM
Thanks for the heads up Eric I will comply with your request ASAP. I also will alert my gang to do the same. Seems like the recomendation of the Regional Bio would carry the day but we will help out.