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: Ross Canyon Big Game 5 Fly Reel & Albright Rods & Shimano Reel

07-13-2008, 12:02 AM
Well stupid eBay canceled all my auctions since I put in a fee for PayPal payments. I just relisted everything. Here's the breakdown of what I'm selling with the auction ID after each description so you can search for them. All of this is being sold because I relocated from Mass to Colorado for a job and I bought all this over the winter because I was planning on doing a lot more striper fishing, but now that I'm 2000 miles away, I'd prefer to have the money for other things!

Ross Canyon Big Game 5 BG5 with spare spool and backing and lines on both spools. The lines are a Rio sink tip and an Airflo intermediate, both premium lines. - Auction 270255058720

Albright EXS 7' 8-17 lb 4 piece travel spin rod - Auction 270255054985

Albright EXS 8' 10-20 lb 4 piece travel spin rod - Auction 270255055413

Albright rod tube for 9' 3 piece rod, plus rod sock, plus a neoprene reel case - These all go to a setup I dropped in the water off Cape Cod - I'm also selling the location where I dropped it. If you dive maybe you can get it. It was too deep for me to go in after it. - Auction 270255055948

Shimano Spheros 5000FA spinning reel - Great match for either rod above. - Auction 270255057945

You can search for all the auctions by searching by my seller ID teflon_jones, or use the auction IDs.

07-15-2008, 09:27 PM
Bump bump 4 days to go on the auctions! The Shimano reel and Albright rods are still at $10 each!

07-18-2008, 11:49 PM
Bump.... Auctions on most things end Saturday 7/19, but the Ross reel still has a few days to go.