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: Eat it raw!

09-13-2000, 08:30 PM
So, here I was putting spanish fillet into the vaccum sealer for long term storage. Back at camp, I originally planned on taking just a piece to taste. Besides I only had a small tupperware container to keep it from getting soggy in the melted ice water so I dismantled it in a manner that produced neat symmetric fillet sections uniform in size and shape, clean of all debris and bone. After cutting it, I decided to fit what I could into the tupperware to bring home (I was leaving early). I ended up with the whole thing in a tupperware container filled with small, even quadrants cut into chunks to put into ice for the ride home. So anyway there I was in the kitchen...

The flesh was firm, white and free of any foul odor whatsoever. I looked in the cabinet and there was the little green can of powdered wasabi, which I promptly mixed into a thick paste. I looked in the fridge and there was a bottle of soy. Next thing you know I was slicing the section into angular strips. There was no turning back. Despite what people may think, I am generally squeamish about raw stuff. In fact my first cherrystone was at Boneclave I c/o Bob Parsons. I had a Texan co-worker (boots and all) talk me into serious sushi on a business trip in San Diego, and that's the first time I ever half-way enjoyed the experience.

A smudge of wasabi, a dip and down the chute. The texture was firm yet melted in my mouth. The heat of wasabi shot through my nostrils, and the distinct flavor of the soy took over. As the slice melted away, the mellow aftertaste lingered a few seconds... long enough for me to dunk another. Soon the section was gone.

Brian C - you are sooooo right... spanish are fantastic sashimi. A close second to bonito, which I have only had prepared with a momentary searing on the outside (raw inside) sliced and garnished with a soy/vinegar/stock sauce with chopped green onion sprinkled on it (Octopus, Manhattan Beach CA). I grilled all of the bonito I have caught and brought home in the past but you can bet I will be trying some tartare' next time I am fortunate enough to beach a bone!

To new experiences!