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: Eastham/Wellfleet

08-07-2000, 02:47 PM

I am wondering if anyone could suggest a few spots in the Eastham and Wellfleet area. I have a good friend who is staying in Eastham for two weeks at the end of August and was looking for a few close spots to try either early in the morning or at dusk. Any suggestions ??

Thanks for any suggestions !

08-07-2000, 05:05 PM
Awesome area... not too far from the Race, Truro beaches (head of the meadow), Highland light, Ballston, Newcomb Hollow, LeCounts, down to Nauset, even Brewster flats are not too far for a morning or evening run provided the tides are right. Chatham light has been producing some big pigs (although hit or miss).

On the bayside, Pamet River mouth, Sunken Meadows, the whole Wellfleet area including the beach at Rock Harbor can be interesting when the tide is right.

Pleasant Bay is accessible along rte 28 heading south and provides multiple access spots to the estuary. He could rent a kayak if desired, although none are needed.

From that part of the cape the question is how does he like to fish, and how much time does he want to put in. Is he thinking about driving a short distance and fishing for an hour -or- putting in a bit of time to go for the big kahuna?

I'd say that if he hit the ocean beaches at dusk and dawn most of the days he is there, tides willing and no mung - he should get a big bass before it's said and done.

If he spent time prospecting along the bayside shoreline in Wellfleet, he'd find more schoolies than he could ask for and an occasional big boy.

With a little driving, Chatham and the mid-cape bounty are his to enjoy.

Why don't you tell him to post his dates and see if anyone can join him while he is staying in the area?