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: Ross Canyon Big Game 5 plus spare spool & 2 lines

07-08-2008, 02:16 AM
Hello all,
Well, since I've moved far away from the coast (Colorado), I've decided to sell some of my saltwater gear. So here goes. This reel, the spare spool, and the lines are either brand new or close enough that I can't tell. Before I knew I was moving, and thought I'd be doing a lot more saltwater fishing, I bought them this winter from a guide that said he never used them. They were promo items he got for free from Ross. His name is on the reel frame, if you care, a little careful work with some adhesive remover or a razor blade would take it off. If you're not familiar with the Ross Big Game reels, they're as good as they get. You're not going to find anybody with a bad thing so say about them.

Ross BG 5 reel gold color with Rio DC sink 350 grain - $325 with line, $300 without
Ross BG 5 spool gold color with Airflow fast intermediate - $150 with line, $125 without

All prices include shipping. I'll do $435 shipped for everything. Retail price is about $1000 new for all of it.

I can swap the spools if you want the reel and want the line that's listed on the spare spool.

Pictures of everything available on request. These are also going on sale on eBay with no reserve. Yeah, you heard me, no reserve! The auction number is 270253505538 and it's scheduled to start tomorrow night.