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: EAST side of Monomoy (North Beach)

07-08-2000, 06:27 AM
Guys, There are 5 miles of fish from the south side of Chatham harbor (Pleasant Bay) entrance to High Bank (at the end of Monomoy). In the last day or so (all day) there have been many birds working right against the beach just south of Chatham harbor. It is withing walking distance of the lighthouse. (death march ???)
Most of these fish are only accessible by boat but there have been pods right in the breakers !!
Good luck,


07-08-2000, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the report Bruce!

I fished South Beach with Rip Ryder this AM. BIRDS AND FISH EVERYWHERE!!!!

First I stopped at the light house to take a look and saw large fish breaking right off the stairs. Drove down to the refuge to take the shuttle, and the whole inlet between Morris / South / North was a giant blitz session.

Got dropped off at South Beach because of the birds and busting fish. The backside was also swarming with birds. Took a few casts on the dropoff before heading to the backside. Schoolies at the sandbar north of pickup, headed to surf side.

At first it was frustrating, I was thinking it was another "can't reach 'em" morning... but then a few fish popped up in front of me and >wham<. Nice 27" blondes with pot bellies. In between, I used an old trick of mine to keep the action going... lay the fly right on the sand and do a mini-wire jig trick with the fly. The Joppa jerk, the Billingsgate banger! Scrape sand with that bug-eyed eel. Got several more fish all over 24" but none over 27-ish. Photographed a couple because of their sandy gold blonde coloration and abdomen sizes. Ran into bigcat John Marrotta and wife out on South Beach, very pleasant coincidence! Got sick of the dropping tide and face fulls of saltwater in the howling wind...

Headed over to try to transfer to North Monomoy earlier than my scheduled 11:45 tranfer time. Keith couldn't take me on that run so I fished for an hour on South Beach. Back to the drop off. Fish busting HARD and birds everywhere. Tried pogie patterns for the first time this year... swirls but no connections... switched back to a new variation of the deep eel w/ jelly rope abdomen "jelly belly" and >wham<

Consistent action until Rip came back. Ran over to the boat... Tom couldn't take me then either, 11:45 was a group transfer time so I conceded and headed to top edge of flat south of pickup cove. Fish busting HARD. Really HARD, hooked a schoolie at the edge of the dropoff. Started casting as far as I could, letting it sink deep and working the lower column of water when >THUNK< screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaammmmm.... basket empty.... line singing... backing.... more backing.... heavy, heavy fish on. Had to chase it. Came near surface waaay out by opposite sandbar and it was a very large fish. Quite a battle later, it spit the hook. Boy was I pissed. A lady and her two young kids were the victim of a loud profanity of mine, I didn't see them until I turned around. She said "did you lose? It looked like a BIG one!", excusing the swearing in front of her little ones. Bigcat was within earshot of my screaming drag, too bad I couldn't get it in for the photo op.

Caught the 11:45 to N/M... incoming. Ran to the north end, fish visible in shallow edges. Decided NOT to cast for them, headed up current and worked down... 2nd cast >wham<. Consistent action blind casting until flood intensified.

Sight fishing began. First, fish grubbing in front of me... cast strip chase... bang! Then, fish behind me! Coming at me! All over the place... Almost every one I saw at least chased the fly... many of them ate it. After losing that cow, I couldn't get over 26" on the flats... but it was great fun. I did see three or four more yard long fish in knee deep water though.

My biggest regret is that I didn't chop off the fly and play some crab games to gain some valuable research time. Before I knew it, time for the shuttle was upon me.

On the way back, a guy was landing a 28-29" or so fish where we usually pick up schoolies near the rendezvous. The infusion of fish in the Chatham area is really incredible right now!

Boy, what a load of fish today. Only one true submarine, but I loved every 26+ inch fat feisty short that took drag. It was a great day, and could've only been better with a few more exposures on my film roll that I'd be dying to develop.

07-09-2000, 07:27 AM
Great job Juro every time I looked to my left I seen your rod benthttp://

I was hell bent on getting a big fish to eat my crab fly.I spent about 4 hours bucking that wind in the same location that was so good to me last week. Got a few taps but no solid hook ups.