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: Environmental Opinion Poll

07-02-2008, 12:03 PM
I take a lot of surveys from various on-line opinion-research firms. Most of these are rather humdrum, but I got one recently that really started me thinking.

The Fly Fishing Forum has such a diverse membership I thought it would be very interesting and informative to get your thoughts on these questions. I know I'd learn a lot by reading them. Thanks in advance for responding.

What is your opinion on each of these questions? (These are your opinions; they don't necessarily have to be backed up by facts or reasoning.)

(By "effective" I mean pro-active in terms of environmental issues)

1. What is the US's most effective non-profit environmental organization?

2. The most effective politician in terms of environmental issues?

3. The most environmentally aware state in the country?

4. The most environmentally aware city in the country?

5. The most environmentally active/effective university in the country?

6. The most environmentally responsible corporation in the country?

7. The movie actor or actress most influential as an enviromental advocate?

8. The "greenest" American car?