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07-02-2008, 09:36 AM
If you canít stand the heat!

Water temps north of the mid-bay islands are nearing 70 degrees. Daytime temps have been above seasonal average too. Add that to the record temps we had three weeks ago and the cumulating effect has resulted with unbelievable high water temps. The bay is warmer than ever when you consider the time of year. Normally the bay would be somewhere around 66 degrees. This means that some warm water species will appear sooner than normal. This will also preclude some good striper fishing north of Conimicut Point to Providence. These stripers will slowly release to cooler, more tolerable waters. Expect to see the exodus of silversides from the warmer estuaries. Their reproduction is triggered by rising water temperatures and intense daylight. This cycle too has been completed much earlier than expected. Fly fishermen should look for crab hatches from the mid bay islands to the toll bridges. Look for school stripers feeding on bottom creatures with the lack of smaller baitfish forage. Many of these smaller stripers will remain with us throughout the summer months. They tend to spread out over wide areas and find enough food to sustain themselves thru the hot months. Think bottom! Blues should dominate with the abundance of adult bunker still in open water.

07-02-2008, 11:11 AM
Sounds pretty bleak!

Out on the cape the outer beaches and any areas where the open Atlantic influences turns on nicely and stays good until mid-August when pea bunker and hardtails invade to make it even better.

Certain flats on the Cape fish well all summer long. That's all I will say about that :)

Once the plovers fledge Nauset will open amidst reports of tinker macks and exploration of the sugar white shoals around the mile-wide break are in order not to mention some really good longshore trenches and bowls the past couple of years where I've had great action exploring by 4x4 complete with portable grill on the tailgate.

Things are churning out on Pleasant Bay due to the influence of the break... I will be suggesting an exploratory clave out there once the plover chicks have fledged. This is all virgin territory.

Big girl is calling. Have you seen the tides this weekend? WOW

North shore / NH Coast / Maine all come into their own these months as well... then the fall exodus begins.

Call me cape-centric. But who could help it!