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: Bobbing The Bay With Bob and Ray

06-15-2008, 02:33 PM
Got to fish Narragansett Bay for four all-too-short days with my friend Keld Olsson, Captain Ray Stachelek and Captain Bob Hines (both sponsors of The Fly Fishing Forum).

As a Steelheader and novice salt-water angler, I was eager to find out about the game qualities of the wily Striper (or "Stripper" as Keld refers to them).

I wish I could have caught about a 1,000 more Stripers to make a fair comparison between Stripers and West Coast anadromous salmonids. I was able, thanks to the two captains, to make a start on this project, but still have a ways to go.

Both captains worked exceedingly hard to find us fish during a couple of record-breaking heat-wise days. We fished from the top of the Sekonk River to East Greenwich to Patience and Prudence and beyond. I pretty much got the tour of Rhode Island in their boats and very much appreciated their efforts to find us fish. I'd recommend these gentlemen to anyone.

Bottom line: my biggest Striper was a nice, but small bass, about six pounds. It ran out some line, but never approached the backing and spent most of its time diving under and around the boat. The other bass I caught -- all smaller -- did not attempt to run, but did the "let's dive through the prop and see if we can get off" bit. I was impressed with my six-pounder's activity and stamina, nevertheless. It's struggles reminded me more of similar sized Snook I've caught. Nevertheless, I'd fish for these critters any chance I can get. I'm looking forward to more research.

Again, based on grossly insufficient data, I was more impressed with the little Bluefish I caught. It ran and zipped around with great abandon and put up a fast and showy resistance. Again, I'd like to catch a 1,000 more and hope to have the opportunity in the few years this old geezer has left.

My wife Karin, Keld and I fished the Cinder Worm hatch down on Ninigret Pond with Captain Hines. This was an incredible experience in that the Pond was so full of fish. Every time Karin flung out her Sluggo it was followed (though, unfortunately, seldom eaten) by one or more bass. The Pond was just absolutely jammed with fish of all sizes, but, probably because of the heat wave, they were very much off the feed. Lots of chases. Few hookups.

Also got a chance to fish the Narrow River with the Rhoddy Fly Fishers one evening. Keld, one of the directors, was hosting a Fish-Along on the lower mile of the river. Gino, Ron, Ann and two other gentlemen whose names I didn't catch, were there. Fishing was wretched, with no bait and no fish except for a couple of small schoolies Ron caught after sunset. Boat traffic on the river was extremely heavy through dusk and, as I said before, the heat wave didn't help matters much.

Anyway, had a great time and can't wait to get back.



06-17-2008, 05:42 PM
Hi Eric,

Glad you and Karin got home safe and sound. You must have been tired because you both fished really hard all week. Now you know the difference between striper and steelhead fishing techniques. The trick is going barefooted. :chuckle:

You started to get the stripping technique down and line setting the hook. The important fact to remember is eliminate slack. Let the fish itself put you on the reel if it is big enough. Don't be afraid to strip line on the deck. How many of us try to reel in the spool while playing a fish? After some mishaps we learn quickly not to do that.

Eric.... Glad you could make it to RI to renew friendships. That's great. Now you have more new firends. The Rhody guys are cool. Very friendly and given of information. That had to be fun being with the guys. Sorry I couldn't come. Busy all week.

Many thanks... Ray