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: boston harbor 6/13-14

06-14-2008, 01:38 PM
what a difference a day makes. went out yesterday at about 6:00 a.m. passed through hull gut and was attacked by birds in all directions. fished with non stop action until 12:30. at about 11:00 or so i caught the biggest striper i have ever caught, and it was on a fly. i don't have a boga on the boat and my measurer only gores to 28". but, my boat is 21' and the fish was about twice as long. but seriously, i believe that the fish was at least 35lbs. it seemed to be well over 42" and was fat as hell. it was the only keeper of the day, but all the fish were good size, 24"+. but more importantly they were all reel fat. a good sign i think for the fall.
today i headed into the inner harbor at about 6:15 a.m. birds were working from the treatment plant to beyond thompson and close to the airport. that said, there were a million boats, but i saw very few hook ups. i had no luck at all until i left the birds and began fishing the rocky shore line of one of the islands. because i have a trolling motor i was able to get right up to the shore line. while there were no fish busting, i hooked up non stop for about 45 minutes. again the fish were bigger than i remember this time of year. i lost most of the fish when they dragged my leader through the rock and the leader frayed.. still, i landed four and all were good size. i took home one. i don't know how big the ones i lost were, but they were big enough that i could not control them long enough to get them out of the rocks, and that has never happened to me in this location before, and i never landed a keeper there before either. i caught 2 other fish later at the outer harbor. neither was a keeper but again reel fat.
i don't know if my fishing to coincided with a massive push of big migrating fish or if the herd has greatly matured or if the bait is so plentiful up and down the coast that the fish are bigger than usual , but whatever it is, it sure beats the alternative.

06-16-2008, 09:03 AM
That's a hell of a fish, on the flyrod that's the fish of a lifetime. I hear ya on the Friday to Saturday change. In and off of Plymouth I've been getting those 30lb fish with some regularity and a bunch of 3' fish. Live macks make it a little easier and I really enjoy the mack thing this time of year. There's been big fish around for about 3 weeks. Anyway Friday was one of those days, not my favorite tide but I scored a bunch of school fish, up to small keeper size on the fly before heading out to get some macks. The mackerel were scarce but I managed a dozen or so and let a couple off the back to do their thing while I started a drift. The action was fast and furious and with not a bluefish in the bunch I was thinking this may go another week. Later I headed in a picked up the family and we targeted fish inside the bay on lures and a second batch of macks. I don't know if it was fishing in the middle of the day - the tide was perfect but the fish were small and the action was not very fast paced, good for the the kids though.

Saturday I headed out with a buddy, we skipped the chase the birds around as it would have been like playing bumper boat - boy I like fishing during the week. Found our macks, same drift - one run and that was it. Same story inside, one small keeper. I need more big fish but usually just use a 9wt which leaves me under gunned and any decent fish exhausted. FWIW - I've tried a few macky flies but I've found it difficult to match a retrieve, I've had some luck in the bay before but out in 80' of water it's hard to beat one of those live torpedos. Absent this year has been the surface feed where the macks get pushed by schools of bass, that's when getting a fly into the back of the school on a fast sinker sometimes works. I think the big blues are going to show up very soon, that should show us some backing :)

Anyway didn't mean to hijack your post, guess I could have nodded and said - Friday great - Saturday where'd they go???