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: Upper Narragansett Bay, June 10

06-09-2008, 09:07 PM
Itís been hot with oppressive daytime heat, but the striper fishing has been holding its own.
I have never seen a temperature swing of forty plus degrees during a summer month in one day like we had Saturday. Despite the bright sunshine this week there are stripers around the upper bay. Last week, the fishery lacked consistency but it has leveled somewhat this week.

Everyone knows by now most of the live bait action is up into the Providence River south of the hurricane barrier. The flotilla of boats up there is amazing, and so are the feuds that develop with close quarter drills. Bank sinkers are a flying and tempers are short. If you like reality fishing at its best, thatís the place to be. There are two boat ramps in the vicinity of the action. This makes it a great deal on fuel savings and staples for the dinner table.

We have been fishing structure south of Providence to Prudence Island just to get away from that scene. Some stripers in the teens are starting to move down from Providence as the water temps continues to rise. So far the masses of bunker havenít showed in open water. The pogy boat was around last week for a couple of days, but it drifted aimlessly while the spotter plane circled the bay.

There should be concern about is the growth of algae blooms. Itís starting to show in pockets of the upper bay like swirls of marble cake. The lack of wind doesnít help the problem either. There is plenty of pollen on the surface to go around too. Water conditions seem dirty with stagnant water.

Best Bets

Try to find stripers in areas of rock structure away from the pack. Start the morning as early as possible. Once a spot gets integrated with noise with other boats, the fish quickly vanish. Striper feedings have not been aggressive but there are subsurface boils for the keen eye to notice. They are filtering larvae and other critters and also working crabs along the shallow bottom. Aggressive approach to fly presentation will not work. Finesse is the key with an intermediate line. This is high level of skill fishing at its finest. Those anglers with patience and good presentation will be justly rewarded.

Captainís Log

We apologize to our clients for the lack of fishing reports lately. We really have not had the time being on the water. Here are some of the latest most current reports. Sorry if we left yours out.


Keld and his friends Eric and Karen from Oregon had their first experience catching striped bass. Eric is an experienced steel head fisherman wading the many rivers back home. They have heard stories of what striper was like back east. Keld was able to finally coax them here for a weekís vacations.

They are both camera shy, but one of their stripers has agreed to be a stand in. Open wide!


The Taylor clan from Missouri arrived with other family friends across New England to spend the morning on Narragansett Bay. There were five eager young men willing to test their skills in the brine. On the Rocks Charters made all the arrangements and provided two boats for their support. Conditions were placid as they cast poppers and swimming plugs along the surface. It took a little coaxing catching timid bass but they were up to the task. They manage to enjoy the day with catching fish and casting banter of barbs about the completion between the two friendly groups.

Here is one of their rewards for their efforts and their scrap book. Have a safe trip home guys!



Nothing seems to change. Joe Herbert is up to his old tricks again catching large stripers. Just back from Lake Lanier, Georgia from a soft water striper trip, his welcome back to the ocean state was successful. Each year he charters captains up and down the east coast looking for information on fishing conditions and looking to improve his skills. After just two years of fly fishing, he has a resume second to none.

Lightí in strikes again

I would say squeteague if I could spell it.
Havenít caught a weakee in two years till today.

06-10-2008, 07:41 AM
Had a great day with Ray and am looking forward to the next one. Maybe we can get one of those unspellable fish pictured above.

In Flordia, they just call 'em "trout." Makes it seem too easy.