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06-03-2008, 12:25 PM
Although fishing wasn't the best I've ever experienced this Cape Canaveral trip was well worth the time and every penny spent...

Day 1 - Did a half day ocean trolling charter... fishing was extremely slow and the waves were a bit rough (3-5 feet)... I've been out in much much worse in my 23 footer but for some reason I got seasick... Ughhh... Maybe the cold I had coupled w/ the heat and waves... We managed to catch a big cuda and small dolphin and had a few other hits...

Day 2 - Went out bright and early for a very very long day, ~12.5 hours on the Mosquito Lagoon w/ 15+MPH winds. Capt. John was great and worked hard to locate fish for us. Reds were scattered and seemed to prefer the shallowest and warmest areas. Rarely saw more then 2 fish at a time and would go 30-60min w/out seeing a fish. We caught 2 trout (one nice one), and a little Jack in a couple deep channels off the edge of flats. Finally around 4pm we spotted our first pod of fish, ~40 reds. We managed to catch 4 of 5 fish hooked before the pod scatter. My first red fish ever inhaled a size 1/0 tan and red clouser and provided a real nice fight. At 4:40pm we high tailed off the flat despite the presence of fish as we needed to run a couple miles to south to setup for the shuttle launch at 5pm. What an amazing display of power and technology... I love being an engineer and seeing this kind of stuff... :tongue:

Day 3 - Hard to beat the day before w/ the shuttle and all... Hot as hell today, ~95 and the wind was 0MPH until about 2pm. Fished Indian River out of Titusville hoping to find some small tarpon, big black drum, and snook. Had one good shot at a tarpon but my cast was too close and the 20lber bolted... Damn it, I'm better than that. :tsk_tsk: I lost count of the manatee we saw, pretty bizarre creatures. Saw dolphin thrashing mullet which was pretty cool... Had a few shots at some 10-20lb snook around docks and managroves but they had no interest in eating during the bright sun lit hours. Caught a big ladyfish which put up a hell of a fight. And, I caught my second redfish, one of the very few we saw today. A lone fish way up in the shallows, about 10" of water... Although small, he battled hard and managed to accumulate about 5lbs of grass before coming to the boat. Had a few really good shots at a pod of black drum that went 40-50lbs. Might have had one strike, hard to tell, might have been the fly catching the back of a fish, water was too deep and mirky to tell what the hell was going on.

Day 4 - Rented a boat out of Vero Beach (our home port for the week) and made a make shift flats pole out of a telescopic pool skimmer pole... Worked like a charm. A Big T-storm shortened our day; however, I managed to locate a ton of sheephead, redfish, and big big snook... Only caught one small red as the bite was really slow. Was nice to apply my newly acquired redfish locating skills... and maybe a little bit of luck.

Here are some pics....

06-05-2008, 03:42 PM
Very nice! Were you guided on Day 3 or by yourself?

Were did you locate the big snook on Day 4? Docks again? I love those fish. Fantastic fighters.

06-05-2008, 06:58 PM
Day 3 w/ guide... Day 4 the bigger snook were in mangrove canals mostly in shallow water sunnying themselves... A couple were more reclusive under structure... Didn't see any in the docks we fished...

I was very disappointed we couldn't even catch a small snook... On gulf side I've had 20 snook days in Cape Coral all during the sunniest times, granted much smaller fish, 1-3lbs.

06-07-2008, 06:48 PM
SNook can be frustrating...but that's what makes them a blast to chase.