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: Cortland line.

08-07-2000, 09:15 AM
Was up at the Kittery Trading post this past w/e. and purchased new spool with Cortland 444 sl 15ft clr. int. sink tip line. (thoughts of Monomoy in mind!!!!)
Has anyone been fishing with this and how do you like it?
Also, has anyone had a problem returning a teeny line r/t that wonderful issue of cracking? (What's the turn around time?)
thanx, Brian Z.

08-07-2000, 11:47 AM
I picked up an 9 weight last and was not impressed fishing it with my Scott STS. This year I tried it with my Redington DFR 8 weight and like it alot. I guess it was not loading the faster 9 weight enough, but it loads the 8 just fine.

08-07-2000, 12:51 PM
Hi Brian, Dave Boucher uses that line a lot and speaks very highly of it. I would imagine that the floating back end of the head / running line would make it lift from the water and mend in tide currents much easier. I haven't used it myself so will without judgement but it makes a lot of sense and there are many times when I wish the line was not sunk on the back half.

Other times, when I want to hit the bottom without switching spools, the full intermediate seems like an advantage. Any current and that's a pipedream though.

Let us know how you like it!

Teeny / turnaround...

it seems like such a prominent symptom with these sinking head to running line joints. I am stringing up a Rio line (new) to see if they fare better. The Cortland is going back to the factory for replacement this week, I've been dealing with the hinge effect too long now. I hope someone comes up with a reasonable solution!

08-08-2000, 02:57 AM
Thanx for the input guys!
I look forward to giving it some good use this w/e.
Either that or bring my rod with me to work and throw some line down the halls @ night!!!!!!

08-09-2000, 11:48 PM
I have it in 8wt and really like it. caught 12 bonito one afternoon with it Tom D