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: Roanoke River, NC

05-09-2008, 09:08 AM
Both arms ache and my left hand is swollen but I am smiling. Spent yesterday, 5:30am till 3:30pm on the Roanoke catching, you can call this catching instead of fishing, striped bass. I didn't count them but the tally taken was 115 between the 2 of us fishing.

Fished with Lee Parsons, boatman, captain and fly fisherman extraordinaire, and on top of that just a pleasure to fish with. Lee's a good ole boy from down east North Carolina that has been fishing or guiding in some form all his life and has a wealth of knowledge.

Normally he fishes the river from dawn till late morning and then takes a long break for lunch before fishing 4 till dark but we had to get home so we fished all the way through. It would be easier on you to fish with the long lunch break. You also have a better chance of hitting the top water bite early morning or late afternoon.

Used a 450 shooting head to get the fly down and then it was strip hard and fast till your leader made it back to the rod tip. You would hook up anywhere during that time but often you were well into the shooting head before a fish hit the fly. Lee wanted you to strip so hard that the rod rattled. He said the noise would attract the fish and get them to bite. It worked.