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: The Crazy things we do

Trevor B
05-08-2008, 07:39 AM
The crazy things we do

It’s a well know fact that fishermen in general are crazy! Let’s face it you have to be to do some of the things we do. For example we travel thousands of miles to hook one fish, look at it maybe take a picture then let it swim away and are real proud of ourselves for doing it and rightly so.
So what’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for the sake of your sport? Sure most if not all of us practice our casting so we won’t embarrass ourselves on the flats and will be able to punch that cast just a little further into the wind. Some of us will go out in the snow and the wind to take it a step further, especially when our trip is in January and you haven’t picked up a rod for a few months. The giggles and stares of people walking buy do not deter us, and the comments of “Hey don’t think you’ll catch much there” simply roll off our backs. My reply usually is “Good one! Never heard that before, funny!”
SO what is the craziest thing you’ve done?
I’ll start it off.
Ok so I need to prepare for my up and coming Tarpon trip, so out comes the 12wt and on goes a nice big 4/0 fly minus the hook point of course and it’s down to the ball field to practice, into the wind, wind at back, wind at side, back casting, great my casting is improving but unless I can hook these things it’s kind of a mute point. Oh yes I seen all the videos, read all the books and to be honest I’m more than a little concerned about sticking these monsters and being able to apply the pressure to land one.
So how can I up my game? “Hmm a soccer net, I wonder” I find casting into it from a distance of 60 feet or so that I can occasionally hook a bit that lays on the ground to the side and when I do it’s a great time to practice a hook set. (No more Trout hook sets for me !) So with rod going to one side and line pulling to the other this is what I do, then by running backwards I can to some degree practice clearing the line and once on the reel again give it a few more jabs to dive the hook home. Then I continue with bowing and pointing the rod to simulate jumps. So immersed in this I become I fail to notice the group of school kids that have gathered for their soccer game with their coach and I am snapped back to reality when I do amid peels of laughter and finger pointing, I am guessing my shouts of “yes yes stick him” and other self coaching comments seemed kind of strange to them apart from the running around and jumping about. I cannot for the life of me imagine why this would look at all weird, can you?
Probably first sight of a decent tarpon I’ll freeze, but then just maybe not and it will all be worth while, even the new stigma as being know as that crazy, weird Englishman does not matter to me. Who cares, nothing comes close to a decent fish peeling line at 25mph or so on a fly rod while on a sun soaked flats in the tropics.
That’s what it’s all about and that makes it all ok.

05-13-2008, 09:26 AM
Ummm,..... Ok..........
Were those soccer nets residents, or were they spawning? I hope you revived them ok so that they could be caught again. By the way, what were they taking?

I actually think that's a great story. I'm going to try that myself. I'm just going to make SURE that nobody's around....:hihi:

Trevor B
05-13-2008, 08:59 PM
He He I have read it over a couple of times now and I am starting to realize that maybe, I may just have a problem :)
But really though I am just trying to give myself an edge, it's a long way to Mexico and not a cheap trip either and I want a Tarpon BAD !
Thanks for the reply I got a good chuckle out of it !
An old Crease fly minus a hook point on a 16lb tippet with a 60lb bite on it seem to get the most bites, fun but the first run was disappointing :)

05-14-2008, 11:21 AM
Trevor good luck on your Tarpon trip. It's been an obsession of mine for the last 10 years, once you're hooked you're a goner...

BTW great story. I've never went that far...yet.

05-15-2008, 02:59 PM
too funny... :chuckle: Storyline has an interesting "Practice" theme that overlaps nicely w/ the fly fishing for bats in thread elsewhere in the forum... Both create such lovely imagery of how we practice... I don't have one so funny of my own; however, my neighbors often wonder what the hell I'm fishing for in the back yard or the field across the street...

Maybe there is a "Bat" more representative of the tarpon experience to hone your skills... Like trying to hook moving cars as the slow down for the easy pass gate on a freeway tollgate... Its kind of like a large pod of fishing moving thru a channel.. You need to single out your prey, lead the moving target, land fly perfectly to get a hookup... The acceleration of a car pulling outof the toll gate when the light turns green is about the same as the initial run of a large gamefish... Will definitely teach you how to clear line while keeping fingers and feet out of the way/...

Getting your fly line back is a minor obstacle... Unless you have a really good drag!

Trevor B
05-16-2008, 11:22 AM
Hmmmm ? Cars ! I never thought of that, interesting :)

Years ago I used to tie a rag on the end of my line and my Dalmatian dog would grab a hold of it and run around shaking it's head and put up quite a tussle, fun until I broke the only rod I had at the time !

I like the car thing that gave me a good chuckle, I leave tonight for Mexico so let's hope I can hook into the real thing a few time.
Tight lines Trev