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: clouser painted dumbbells

02-17-2000, 03:26 PM
While I'm still learning clousers...another question....does anyone know where to get dumbbells in bulk? Or do I have to continue to pay $5 for 10 dumbells?? I like the tiny sized ones with "painted eyes"....yellow or white.

Thanks, Doug Burgess

02-17-2000, 08:15 PM
Doug, Cabella's has them for 2.99 for 10 eyes. When you think about it they are expensive, .30c per fly. I am trying to find a source for bulk.

02-17-2000, 11:31 PM

I have been buying the plain eyes. I use model Testors paint and paint them myself. I stick a whole bag of them (one side)in a sheet of sytrofoam and paint the iris with a Q-Tip and let them dry. I then used a toothpick and put a drop on for the pupil. After they dry do the other side. It's a little time consuming but it works.

After I make the fly I the coat the eyes with nail polish hardener. I had my wife pick that up for me.
I'm sure someone out here has a better method.