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: Solitude VI (11-12 lines)

05-04-2008, 12:54 PM
Solitude VI (11-13 lines)


Hardly used, few scratches, excellent condition.
200yd backing.
These reels have free spinning reverse (without ratchet) so that you can palm loose line much faster than reeling for backtracking fish!


from the website:

Solitude VI (11-13 lines)

A big reel for the big boys. Designed for 12- and 13-lines, the "six" is an unrivaled blue-water weapon. No reel is more reliable. The incomparably-smooth over-sized drag system really shines when put to the test on long, stressful runs by billfish and other saltwater powerhouses.

Weight: 9.5 oz.
Backing and line capacity: WF12 + 400 yds 30 lb. backing • WF13 + 330 yds 30 lb. backing
Spool diameter (inner flange): 4.38” • Spool width: 1.11
Hub diameter: 1.11 min, 1.25 max.
MSRP: $360.00