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: Help needed, pictures wanted

04-20-2008, 05:11 PM
Hi all,
to the Dutch, Bonefishing is still new. Not so long ago we only flyfished in the Dutch polders, maybe a trip to a small trout-stream during the holidays.
But as the world is getting smaller with the coming of multimedia and cheaper flights, more and more Dutch become interested in fishing exotic places.
As I grew up in paradise, I knew bones way before I flyfished and when I read about the ultimate fish of the roaming angler it was a big discovery to see a wellknown fish to me so highly appreciated.

Now I am writing a piece on bonefishing in Dutch. Not such a description of a site (like I did on this forum) but more an introduction of the fish, gear, habitat. Letīs say the basics. it wonīt be publicated in a magazine, but my intentions are to get the knowledge spread for the Dutch speaking fisherman.

What I need in order to get it the way I want are lotīs of nice pictures. Of fish, of habitat, of sceneries. Anything that shows our passion for the silver phantom.

Of course, I got some material myself, and pictures can be downloaded from a lot of sites. But I prefer to have permission of the photographers and not just taking pictures of the net.

So my request to all of you is if you could help me out. Email me some pics that I can use on the writing. I would appreciate it very much. And if it gets online I will notify you personally, though the writing will be initialy in dutch.

Thanks, Sander