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: Acklins - a bit disappointing

04-13-2008, 07:04 PM
A brief trip report from our second visit to Acklin's Island, Bahamas. Spent a week there fishing from the north end of the island near Lovely Bay. The weather was not completely cooperative, but it could have been worse. The first three days the wind was quite strong, 25-35 knots, so casting into the breeze was next to impossible for me. The remaing days were also windy, but not as bad. We had only one period of heavy rain for a couple hours. Some days had a fair cloud cover to interfere with spotting the bonefish.
We fished a few hours on 2April, and put in long days (generally 8-5:30) the remaining six days until 8Apr.
For that week, I managed to land 14 bones, (0,1,4,2,2,2,3) and lost another seven or so. My partner did just a little worse than that. Maybe my expectations are out of line, but I considered the results a bit disappointing. We did better our first year.
Our guide was excellent; if fish were around he could spot them. And he gave us long days to give it a try. We had a few times when there were lots of fish around on the shallow flats, but lots of other times when we spotted nothing. We had opportunities to cast to fish, but not an awful lot. It seemed the fish were not fussy about flies part of the time, and on other occasions I had casts that seemed to be in the right place to approaching fish, but no takes resulted. I guess they could be selective.
Our accommodations were adequate if not fancy, and we ate well. The trip was quite enjoyable, but a few more fish on the line would have made an improvement.
I saw my first permit - I was told - maybe 30 pounds, but all I spotted was a large dark shape moving rapidly away. We knew of one permit caught that week.
We fished from the boat while being poled around maybe 30% of the time, and spent perhaps 70% of the time wading. We had some long hikes across the flats.
Our trip last year, with the same guide, was a couple weeks later in April. I don't know if that makes much difference or not.

04-14-2008, 08:33 PM
From reports the other end of the island was where it's been at ?

04-15-2008, 10:49 AM
Hi GMflyfish

I have had the same weather problems as you seem to have had for most of my recent trips. I think there has definitely been a big change in weather conditions over the past few years.