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: Our "Other" Pictures........

04-12-2008, 08:52 AM
I thought it would be fun for us to share pictures of some of the "Other" species that some of us have targeted over our lives. Being that we all live in many parts of the world, I think it would wet our appetite not only for the coming salmon season, but for the pure passion we all share for sport fishing.

Hopefully many of you will participate in this thread and share all those old pics of the many different species we have targeted and explain a little about each one.... Should be fun to see each of us in action with fish other than our favorite.....the salar.

#1 Pic - 1977 - Off the beaches of Martha's Vineyard with a stringer of Bonito that hit the beach chasing sand eels.... Notice the old Fenwick glass rod and Plueger reel.....not to mention the tye-die shirt I am wearing.

#2 Pic - 1980 - Blitzing big Striped Bass off the high surf on the south side of Martha's vineyard. We used big wooden plugs (lures) worked in the waves and caught fish up to 45 pounds. It is the greatest way to catch these fish and truly rivals the sport of Atlantic Salmon fishing.

#3 - 1998 - Nice Yellow Fin Tuna coming over the gunnels of the "Venture".....my boat. These fish were taken at the Atlantis Canyon, 100 miles off shore in the warm water eddies of the gulf stream.

#4 - circa 2000 - Collaring (cleaning) Giant Blue Fin off the coast of Nantucket Mass, during the annual Blue fin tuna run.

#5 - circa 2000 - Mahi on the fly. Occasionally we get Mahi into our chum slick while fishing yellowfin tuna. When that happens, we break out the fly rod and throw big streamer flies. They are quite spectacular and very aggressive. They leap like crazy and truly a beautiful species. Great table fish too...

Hope to see some interesting pics coming to the board of some other species we hold dear to are hearts. We can post Salmon pics later during the season, but for now, a good variety will be fun to see......

04-14-2008, 06:32 AM
June is a great dry fly month on the Grand in Ontario. Pictures are of Jim Corrigan and myself with brown trout caught on dry flies during brown drake and grey fox hatches. Hope I figured out the attachment thing. Enjoy.

Salmon Chaser
04-19-2008, 09:59 PM
If Atlantic Salmon are my wife,, then these brutes are my mistress;)