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: 525 Grain Intermediate and fast sink ?

04-07-2008, 05:57 PM
I have the loomis 11 foot 3 '' - 12 / 13 # Crosscurrent DH beach rod , spring aproaches and Ive yet to sort my lines out.

The Loomis site reccomends a 525 Grain line. Im looking for Tropical Floater and cool water Intermediate and fast sink ?

Do you guys have any suggestions. Excluding the Teeny lines as Ive way too many issues with tangles on those.



04-08-2008, 08:48 AM
Grains are relative over the length of the taper. The longer the taper, the higher the grains can be handled by the same rod.

525 over how many ft of taper? If a 28ft head like the common QD/Teeny etc - you probably should think about a parachute to dampen the turnover or you may kill a few birds with the sonic crack.

If 525 over 38ft... that's a nice comfortable two-hand line but if it's really 12-13wt power you could likely push more and not even have to work to cast well over 100ft.

If the head length is 55 or 70 feet you could throw 700 grains with that same stick and more if it's a floater due to reduced surface tension lifting and rolling up the next cast (e.g. Spey techniques).

I'd ask Steve Rajeff. He'll probably go down to the Golden Gate pools and try things out of curiosity.

Sean Juan
04-08-2008, 10:41 AM
I use that same rod, and so far the biggest obstacle to learning how to cast it was finding the right line.

Juro is 100% right - I have found that the weight of the line is only half the story that the length of the head is as important if not more so.

For instance the Airflo Beach line 12wt/530gr INT has a 530gr head over 35' I found this line somewhat heavy to cast, but the Rio Outbound 13wt which has a 550gr head over 37.5' not so much. Just to make things more confusing the sinking version of the Airflo beach line is 530grs and 35', but feels lighter than the INT...

The best sinking line I've used so far is the Orvis Silver Label 12wt shooting head which is 38'. When using this head I feel like the rod is on a track - casts over a 100' are easy, distance is more limited by the stripping basket than the rod.

On Frenchcreek's suggestion I tried a Windcutter 11/12/13 weight line with 15' cut off and a 15' section of t-14. I didn't like it. I know other guys do a similar set up but with a Skagit line - no personal experience but I think it would work well.

Anybody else have this rod and tried any lines?

So far the only casting principle I've learned is the less you do the better the cast - the rod doesn't want or need your help. I find that when I stop trying to cast, and focus just on moving the rod through and arc with a crisp stop at both ends things go much smoother.

04-08-2008, 05:15 PM

I guess I should have mentioned head length and likewise I have found the 37 foot style heads fun to use overhead on DH Rods .

I may well look at the Airflo Beach line. Im in the Uk tackle trade and have accounts with BVG. Im not sure if they have the lines in the UK, the market for such specialist kit is almost non existant.

Like wise I have access to Rio but the super specialist products are special order items.

Thanks for your input

One more question.

The rod was purchased with 2 applications in mind . No 1 Being Coldwater Beach style.

No2 Being GT Popping in the Seychelles from a Boat. We will be using super large Bluewater style Poppers on Tiemco 600 SP size 8/0 Hooks so real Muthers to cast all day.

Any reccomendations for a 525 g Tropical Floating line ? For the single handed rods we will use the excellent12 # Airflo GT Line. I fished this line out there last year and really rate the product.

But that wont load my canon.



04-08-2008, 05:32 PM
Just had a look around

Has anyone use the Tropical Outbounds ? The 12 # = 510 G. So that may almost do the job .

Although I wonder , would the taper suit huge poppers ?