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: Hey gang!...off to Eleuthera tomorow!

04-06-2008, 06:29 PM
Hi friends!,

Though not like Aklins or Crooked!, Eleuthera is still my favorite place in the world for a relaxing holiday.

This'll be my 7th annual spring trip to the Island and she never fails to meet up to expectations!. Though many of the flats harbour bones that put Miami bones to shame (spooky wise...not size wise!). The Island still has virtually "untouched" populations of fish that are eager to jump a reasonably presented fly.

Watch for my trip report sometime early May or whenever I get over the "Bahamian Experience"!. Hope to have some good stories and Pics for you!

Best regards, and great fishing while I'm away!!!


Jim Miller
04-06-2008, 06:32 PM
Best of luck Henry!
So Hello to the old gal "Freedom" for me! :)

04-09-2008, 08:07 AM
Henry, hope to see you down there--leave Friday April 11 to May 3.