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: Great Lakes Steelhead Road Trip - Vote for best rivers?

03-31-2008, 04:03 PM
Found out today that I need to be in South Bend, IN for Thursday AM. Contemplated getting a guide for an afternoon of Steelheadin' on the St. Joseph river in MI/IN for a quick trip.:hihi:

Then the :lildevl: in me got to thinking that the cost of a road trip is the same as the flight + hotel. However, driving takes me (virtually) along the entire US shoreline of Lakes Ontario and Erie as well as southern tip of Lake Michigan. Why not take a couple extra days, drive and check out a couple steelhead hot spots?

What tribs in NY, OH, PA and South MI would you vote for the best Steelhead action this week/weekend? I'm inclined to ignore Watertown/Pulaski area as I fish these waters frequently.

04-04-2008, 09:04 AM
Ended up flying and not fishing :frown: as my flights we delayed and I didn't end up w/ enough time. Also, couldn't get a guide on such short notice and the conditions would have been tough for a first time DIY trip on the St. Joe.

Anyway, thanks for input from those who provided.