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: Grenada , Carriacou

03-27-2008, 10:34 AM
My name is Kent Petersen and I come from Sweden and wright english as I speak it ,sorry.

Me and my family and friends are looking into a trip to carribien and did get intrestid in Grenada , Carriacou. Its look great and are what Tobago was 30 years ago . But cant find anything about on flyfishing. Does anyone now something about it , I should valeu all help I can get . Not everyone in the group has the flyfishing as target no: 1 - as I do ,so we need a place where everyone can get pleased.

I been to Tobago ( no good fishing) ,LosRoques ( very good fishing , bad food) and Gaudeloupe ( good fishing and good food ,lost a +120 pound tarpon). If you want you can contact me direct trhu my mail . Thanks in advance from kentP.

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