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: Chatham, Nauset, and Brewster 10/13

10-13-2000, 08:36 PM
brief report:

Fished Chatham Light at dawn (mostly to the south of the first bar, the first bar was already full). sandeels - from small to huge! - and silversides were the bait of the day. Numerous schoolies, and larger fish (up to 28"). Saw one mid-30's inch fish landed by a baitslinger fishing live eels.

Checked Nauset around high tide, no sign of any fish, those that were fishing were fishless.

Fished Brewster at dusk, numerous schoolies. No bait showing, no birds.

Good luck this weekend.

That's the end of the season for me.


i'm so outta here
10-14-2000, 10:10 AM

Glad you got to end the season on a high note. We fished Chatham this morning from 5 to about 8:30. We saw pretty much the same thing as you. Lots of schoolies with an occasional 28"er. Was it me, or did these fish all seem to have an attitude problem? I love fall for this reason. We saw one hell of a sunrise!

How about coming down to RI next weekend for one more ride on the striper train?


10-14-2000, 11:23 AM
Attitude, certainly - more spunk than earlier in the year. Maybe maybe smarts too - I had a number of short strikes, almost a 'tasting' kind of thing. These fish need a good winter break to get 'uneducated' as to the ways of the Cape fly anglers. Couldn't beat the weather, though, and it is even better today than yesterday.

I expect there will be one or two more slugs of good size fish coming through, but it will be even more of 'right place, right time' than now. This time last year a casual walk on Nauset Beach put me into an hour or so of beach blitzing action. Ya never know.

Thanks for the invite to the RI-fest. Unfortunately, my timing, which has been bad all summer, continues. (My schedule this summer has pretty much limited me to single day weekday trips, like yesterday.) I'm heading out of town on October 25 on a research trip for 3 weeks, so my time between now and then is taken -- getting things straight at work/school and keeping things smooth at home. I will, of course, be taking my rod along on the trip, so perhaps when I come back I'll have some fishing stories (hopefully bonefish) to warm the Forum's fires.

Good luck in RI.


10-16-2000, 11:24 AM
Aaron -

Thanks for the heads up report! We also hit the light, then Brewster Flats. The fish at the light were definitely 'tasting' the flies, it seemed that hookups were accidental on fish that weren't as wary!

On the other hand, the fish at Brewster flats had no such caution. I think I first casted one? Anyway it was not only beautiful, but the feistiness of the schoolies made it that much more enjoyable.

Sure, we got spoiled by big fish this year - but in mid-October such bluebird days are precious in and of themselves.

have a successful research trip,

10-16-2000, 09:09 PM
Hey Juro,

I'd hoped to get the trip report posted a bit earlier in the evening, but arrived home later than planned, and took a while to situated once home. From the times of last posts, it looks liek I missed you guys by about 15 minutes on Friday night. Good to hear you found fish, though.

'Tasting' fish for sure at Chatham. Not really sure why, since many were schoolies. Another thing to ponder over the winter. I had my best luck on a charteuse and white half-and-half, which didn't really match any of the bait present. Go figure.

Yup, the Brewster fish were eager, which was a nice way to finish the day, and season.

Fish size? Overall, I caught fewer fish per hour of fishing this year (although I think less time on the water kept me from getting into the fishes' heads, so to speak), but larger fish. Decent tradeoff, I'd say.

I'll do my best to send you a report upon my return. I'm hoping for good weather so we can get our work done on time,!


10-17-2000, 08:22 AM
I can't wait - tales from the carribean are never more wanted than in the season to come. Take pictures!