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: Great Danielsson's customer service

03-24-2008, 03:54 PM
I reported slight rusting problems that I had on my lightly-used and well-maintained LW6/9 and LW8/12 sometime ago. I contacted Ron Larson and Danielsson regarding the problem, and was contacted by the Danielsson, saying that they would replace the spools for free. They didn't have any spare spools at the time, and were going to send the spools to me as soon as the next batch is done.

They surely did! I just received replacement spools directly from the Danielsson. What great customer service! This experience makes me feel absolutely confident on buying their reels in the future again even if they do not develop a distribution network here. I now only need to ship the original spools back to Ron Larson via domestic mail.

By the way, I noticed that the replacement spools that I received came with grease at all contact points between two different kinds of metals. I wish I had taken off the handle, counter weight, etc, and applied grease before using the reels to begin with. That would have prevented this problem from happening.

With their silky smooth drag and great looks, they will surely be my favorite light-saltwater and heavy-freshwater reels for many years to come.