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: Winston B IIx vs B IImx ?

Gregory DeFoe
03-07-2008, 03:33 PM
Anyone have a comparison of the 9'6" 6wt BIIx against the 9' 6wt BII mx. I'm going to by one of them but can't decide. None of the shops in my area carry the 9"6" to test cast. Rod would be used primarily for nymphing or lite streamers for trout. I already have the 11' 7wt B IIx if I need to go heavy.


03-07-2008, 06:44 PM
A I already have the 11' 7wt B IIx if I need to go heavy.


I cannot answer your question Greg, but I could not help but think that heavy is relative term. As a salt water fisherman 7 Wt is light & 14 wt is "going heavy". But when I put on my trout fisherman's hat a 5 wt is on the heavy side for the brookies I seek.

03-08-2008, 06:31 AM
Greg go over to the Winston Rod site there is a Forum over there and you 'll get an answer to your question. I own a BIIX the BIImx is supposed to be a lot faster rod and is able to handle the wind better.

03-09-2008, 09:54 AM
i have the 6wt 9'6" BIIx and use it for nymph fishing in georgia where the fish average 22-28". i fish split shot, a nymph and a dropper and an indicator. not pretty perhaps, but quite effective. point is, if you are fishing nymphs, you probably have a similar rig-maybe not the split shot but weighted nymphs. a faster rod like the BIImx will likely result in tighter loops, thus increrasing the likelihood of multiple tangles.

04-07-2008, 03:54 PM

I cast the BIImx last summer, when it was still in prototype mode. I was not as impressed as I thought I'd be. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great rod and cast well - easily as good as the high-end sticks from other salty companies like Sage, Loomis, or what have you. Plus, it's lighter. Witness Sage ZXL #6 at 3 3/8 oz. while the BIImx is 3 1/4 oz. By the way, the freshwater BIIx 9'? - only 2 7/8 oz! Of course, that's the weight they specify, but the real test is the swing weight of the rod in hand, which is all about the action and taper. A lighter rod that's poorly designed can feel heavier when you cast it (like the Orvis Zero Gravity does, in my opinion). The BIImx might be lighter than the Sage and Loomis, but it feels heavier when you cast it.

Here's what I find interesting, Winston already had a great super-fast rod - the XTR - but it never really sold. It's arguable this was due to marketing - it's mostly the salt-crowd that's all about the fast-action stick and all worried about the wind and most folks never knew Winston made anything but soft, fresh-water rods... no saltwater marketing. Never mind that the BIIx was already out and kicking ass as the easiest casting fast-action rod out there (which is the genius of it's taper and action - it feels like a soft rod, but is actually has a very fast recoil). Anyways, they pulled the XTR and came out with a new version of the BIIx for those who thought it should have a little bit faster action and power on a longer line. This basically got rid of the short game.

I did a test cast of the Scott G-2, the Sage Xi2, and the Winston XTR last summer, all #6 rods and by far the best for me was the XTR. Lighter, smoother, and though the Sage seemed faster, the XTR threw tighter loops farther into the wind. It was just a nicer rod to cast. Wish they'd bring that model back.

Ok, enough birdwalks, here's my 2 cents: Ii you're looking to use this on streams where shorter casts are the norm, the BIIx is a better bet. I mean, it's so sensitive you can practically cast the leader, but still so powerful it will load smoothly into the butt and zip out 70 feet of line if you need it. The BIImx does not load nearly as easily for short casts, though it's not bad.

If you're looking for a cheaper rod that does the same thing, though, you might cast either an Albright A-5 or TFO Finesse, for like $400 less. Funny thing, the "top-of-the-line" TFO rods are the real clubs, seemingly designed for a line size heavier than they specify, but their lower end sticks actually cast pretty well. I was also impressed with their TFO Professional, though the action could be smoother.

Hope this helps,

04-20-2008, 11:52 AM
Although the IIx is a great rod, it has a softer tip than what I really like for fishing streamer/weighted nymph rigs. I would call it faster than Med-Fast, but slower than a fast action such as the Z-Axis or IImx. I own the IIx (9' 6wt) and the Z-axis(9'6" 6 Wt.). Have only tested the IIMx, it's fast enough, but for some reason I like the Z-Axis better.