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: Nice to be wading again!

03-07-2008, 02:56 PM
I like wading again especially with Marine Diesel approaching 5 bucks a gallon! Used to cost $1.25 ten years ago. An average offshore canyon run of about 190 miles round trip from Montauk Long Island use 250 gallons including trolling time. The economy of that fishery is going to get hit very hard in the coming years. I feel lucky to have some good memories, yet really pleased have found a buyer and hope this time the deal goes through. Much better wading anyway. Really glad to be back on the river again.

03-14-2008, 08:44 AM
1250.00 just to get there and back not counting trolling time! I don't think you will see much fishing pressure out there at that cost. I agree wading is always more enjoyable and care free. It's funny, I bought those news simms waders last year, you know the ones that cost 700.00. Met one guy on the river who said I was crazy to spend all that money on waders. I think their pretty cheap when you compare them against the cost of owning a boat. By the way they are the best waders I have ever owned. Love the zipper. Comes in handy for us old farts who have to pee a lot LOL.

03-14-2008, 03:20 PM
Oil just hit $110 per barrel today. Diesel will be $6 at the marinas soon. The pumps at the marinas are at least 10% higher than at the gas stations. The average "Joe" owning a 38 - 42 foot offshore "Twin Diesel Battle Wagon" is going to use 250 - 400 gallons each trip. His cost to go to the North East Canyons to fish big game is going to cost a whopping $1500 - $2000 per trip. Bigger boats (50'-60') will cost from 4K - $7K per single trip.

Many of the 40 footers are owned by guys that bought their boats used. They planned to fish tuna every weekend (weather permitting) and selected the boat according to a fuel budget, which around $400-600 per trip six years ago. Many guys would also try to build a steady and reliable crew to chip in every weekend. The cost has quadrupled in 6 years. Many boats coming up for sale this year.

The Giant Blue Fin Tuna, especially off Nova Scotia will not hurt as much due to fish being inshore. Smaller single engine boats are use and for much shorter distances.

Its great to wade and fish for Salmon again! Very low maintenance and has something to do with age. High Tech" is zippered waders! Sounds like a great deal! I'm going to look into them. Simms eh! I too would love a zipper. Its that constant colder water / warmer air transitional thing that brings on the URGENCY in all of us.

03-14-2008, 07:50 PM
$1500.00 per trip!!!!!!!!!! Here am I. A middle-class angler who lives 90 miles from the coast. I talk to a lot of anglers who are in my position and the opinion is that it (the cost) will limit wading trips for stripers/blues this season. Thankfully, I live within a few miles of some great trout rivers that will provide season long angling. Thank God for that. We will be paying 4.00+ per gallon this summer!! I have a cottage booked for a week in June on Plum Island. I'm afraid that it will be my only shot at the salt this summer.