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: Chatham 9-23

Bob Pink
09-23-2000, 06:26 PM
Fished today from the boat of a good ff, John Grimes. Big bass and albies made up the agenda and Chatham was the location. Made the cut at S.Beach by 06:00 to FAC conditions and some very spread out fish. No signs of bait and only an occasional boil on top. Took a while to get it right but once we got the presentation down there were 25 - 28" bass ready to take. Fished in tight, fished outside but the targeted "big bass" were not to be found.
By 10:30 we were ready for a change of scenery so we headed to the lighthouse at S.Monomoy only to find a virtual parking lot of boats working along the eastern edge... We decided to avoid the crowd and set up a drift a 1/4 mile to the north. Our second agenda item was called within minutes as blind casts in moving water were greeted with tail-thumping runs. Until things shut down about 12:00, we had 4 apiece landed at the boat with another 1/2 dozen hits & runs that dropped. Really fine fishing.
Point rip after the tide turned east yeilded small bass but nothing consistant and certainly not the expected hardtails moving into the rip.
Back the the drift at the lighthouse as we meandered our way north, another pair of albies and two screaming runs that popped about 100yds out....
Fly of the day was a Grimes "Terminator" ( a modified 'bucktail beauty' rainbow flash over olive over white )

i'm so outta here
09-23-2000, 06:59 PM
Sounds like a banner day, Bob. Congrats! and thanks for the fly info.

09-25-2000, 12:22 PM
Bob - saw a lot of tunoids around the light, had a few shots from shore at Chatham but no hookups. Hooked two cows, one 36'er landed the other was bigger, of course!

... thanks in large part to your positive report which turned my homing device to Chatham after the last minute rip cancellation!

much obliged!